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10 Excellent Tips from a Kitchen Remodeling Pro

New Kitchen Coutertops Stainless Steel AppliancesAlmost everyone will admit that their kitchen needs some work. Even if there is no need for a complete overhaul, a few small changes can work wonders. Here is some advice from a pro that will update your kitchen so you can get the look you want.

  1. Add an island. Installing a kitchen island or making a bigger one can solve more than one issue. It is an important design feature and it improves functionality. It not only offers additional meal prep space and a dining area, a kitchen island can deal with pressing storage problems.
  2. Build appliance storage. An appliance garage might not have been considered essential in the past, but these days there are being added to more kitchens. Many small appliances are not frequently used, so keeping them out of the way will prevent clutter and keep the space organized.
  3. Install a backsplash. A backsplash keeps grease and water stains off the wall, making it easier to keep the kitchen clean. In addition to protecting the walls, this is a prominent feature in the overall design.
  4. Highlight with lighting. A modern kitchen task lighting for meal preparation, and focus lighting to draw attention to special areas. Lighting that covers the entire space is also a good idea.
  5. Dishware storage. Every kitchen needs storage, but keeping dishware and cookery close by will speed up meal preparation.
  6. Add a workstation. Take your kitchen into the modern age by adding a workstation. Whether you work from home or just want to check emails while food is on the stove. You can also keep your recipes nearby for meal planning.
  7. Add a hutch. The hutch not only provides extra storage, it bolsters the design of the kitchen. Custom features like slide out shelves will make kitchen organization easy.
  8. Hidden meal prep counter. Pull-out counters will give you more space to work with when preparing meals. It will feel like you have a larger countertop. Work in simple storage for knives and other utensils for an even more functional workspace.
  9. Wall mounted faucet. Adding a wall mounted faucet above or near the stove will save time. These are also called pot fillers as you can fill your pots right by the stove instead of going to the sink.
  10. Add a banquette or nook. These are great ways to make use of a little extra space in the kitchen. A breakfast nook is ideal for quick meals in the morning for busy families. A banquette is a small bench placed along a wall. This can not only be a dining area, the bench can also be used as storage.

None of these ideas are expensive to implement, so keep them in mind when you want to give your kitchen a quick update.

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