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10 Ideas for Remodeling Your Home for Aging in Place or ADA Compliance

Karolina Szczur 504611 UnsplashHave you decided what you want to do as you get older and need help doing some of the things that you take for granted right now? You have plenty of options including moving to as assisted living residence and moving in with your children. However, did you also know that with a few small changes, you could stay right in the home that you have lived in for many years?

It’s true!

Here are 10 ideas for remodeling your home for aging in place or ADA compliance:

  1. Replace Your Flooring: Shag carpets and other bulky rugs can become trip hazards as you age, which is why we recommend replacing them with wood floors, tiles, or even a low pile carpet. This will allow you to walk without falling and even be able to push a walker across the room.
  2. Install Smart Faucets: As we age, it can become difficult to turn on faucets or tell how hot the water is when it is coming out. However, a smart faucet can be programmed to turn on at specific temperatures, preventing burns. You can even get one that turns on when you place your hands under it and turns off automatically when you take your hands out. You will never forget to turn off the water again!
  3. Install Lever Door Handles: Those round doorknobs can be a pain to open when your hands aren’t working quite right, which is why we recommend installing lever door handles. You will simply need to push down or pull up on the handle to get the door to open.
  4. Install Safety Lighting: Safety lighting can be installed in multiple rooms in your home including on your stairs, in your kitchen, and in your bathroom. These lights will allow you to see as you are entering a room, so that you can find your way over to the light switch to turn it on.
  5. Install Grab Bars: No one likes to think of themselves becoming unsteady as they get older, let alone falling for no reason at all. It happens though, so to protect yourself, you are going to want to install grab bars. These grab bars can be placed anywhere, but popular spots include next to the bathroom sink and toilet, as well as in the shower.
  6. Install a Security System: Certain security systems will do more than help keep you safe from intruders. A few of them have cameras that can be placed around the home and allow loved ones to check in to make sure that you have not fallen and that you are okay.
  7. Upgrade Your Shower: You may love your large soaking tub and shower combination, but there may come a time when you will not be able to climb into it. A walk-in shower is a more sensible option, and we recommend installing a bath seat in there as you are doing the renovations.
  8. Widen Your Doorways: If you ever need to use a walker or a wheelchair, you may find that your doorways are not wide enough for you to go through. While we recommend making your doorways wider, we know that that is not always an option. If you cannot do that, then we recommend adding offset hinges, which will allow your doors to open up past the opening and essentially giving you another two inches of space.
  9. Motion Lights: Most motion lights are installed outside to allow you to walk in poor lighting without falling. However, you can also install motion lights inside your home, so that you do not need to deal with light switches in certain rooms. The downside to installing them in the house is that they will go off if they do not sense you moving around for some time.
  10. Install a Garage Door Opener: You may have been doing just fine opening and closing your garage door manually, but as you get older, this is going to be more difficult to do. We recommend installing a garage door opener, so that you do not injure yourself as you are trying to get your garage door open to venture out to the store one day.

These are only ten of the many things that you can do inside your home to make it ADA compliant and allow you to live there for much longer than you thought possible. Your contractor can help you decide which ideas are best for you, as well as give you options of what else may be beneficial for you.

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