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14 Small Updates that Make a Big Impact in Your Kitchen


There are times when you want to completely overhaul your kitchen space, but what if you could make a huge impact without a major investment? We want to encourage you to skip the remodel for the moment and try a few small updates that make a big difference.

Here are 14 small updates that make a big impact in your kitchen:

  1. Add a Fresh Color to Your Cabinets


Sometimes a different color makes a huge difference in kitchens and that is why we usually recommend adding a fresh color to your existing cabinets. This is not a difficult job, and while it may take an entire weekend, the cost is minimal.


  1. Make a Cup Stand Tree


Create your own little coffee or tea corner with a unique cup stand tree. This tree is easy to make, or you can buy one, and you will always have a cup hanging there ready to use.


  1. Add a Rug


We know that rugs are normally a horrendous idea in kitchens, due to spills and messes. However, a small round rug, or another rug of your choice, will give you a soft place to put your feet as you are bringing food to your family.


  1. Purchase a Pizza Stand


Take your pizza nights to the next level with a pizza stand in the middle of your table. Most stands will hold two pizzas, so you never need to get up to grab more for everyone else before you have finished your first slice.


  1. Build a Taco Stand


Everyone loves tacos, but we do not know anyone who loves trying to hold that shell up while they are filling it with goodies. A taco stand will give you a place to set the tacos as they are being filled, so you do not have more toppings on your plate then in your taco.


  1. Make Some DIY Pantry Containers


Yes, you can throw random boxes into your pantry, but think of how gorgeous it will look if you take the time to create some DIY pantry containers. Glass or plastic jars are the best and you can label each one with what is inside.


  1. Add a Storage Cart


If you are short on storage inside your kitchen, you may want to add a storage cart to your space. You can build one to fit your exact needs or you can purchase a small cart that you can use to hide as many small appliances as possible.


  1. Use a Copper Pipe for Paper Towels


If you have been meaning to purchase a paper towel holder for a while and haven’t, you may want to grab a copper pipe instead. This copper pipe is perfect for sliding the paper towel roll onto and it will add a little visual appeal to under your cabinets.


  1. Create an Herb Garden


You can run to the store every time you want to use fresh herbs, or you can grow your own inside an herb garden in your kitchen. Not only will the garden look pretty, it will add wonderful aromas to this room in your home.


  1. Make Cork Placemats


We all love to put down fabric placemats when we eat, but who loves cleaning them all the time? Cork placemats are the answer we have all been searching for, because they are nice to look at and easy to wipe down after every meal.


  1. Use Letters to Create Signage for Your Walls


Walls are filled with words in kitchens all over the world now and while you can buy all sorts of signs, you can also create your own. Simply buy individual letters, or make them out of zinc yourself, and create the words that you love the most.


  1. Add Subway Tiles for Your Backsplash


If you do not have a backsplash, or you are tired of the tiles that you do have, purchase some inexpensive subway tiles and put them up in your kitchen. The change will be noticed immediately, and we guarantee that you will love the new look!


  1. Add a Moveable Island


You may not be able to have an island in the middle of your kitchen all the time, but you should be able to tuck a moveable island into a corner. Then all you need to do is pull it out whenever you need it and you will have the extra space that you have always been craving.


  1. Create an Appliance Garage


You may not have another space to stick your coffee pot or other small appliances when you are not using them, but that doesn’t mean that you need to look at them all day long. We recommend creating an appliance garage to hide them behind, so you can pull them out when you want to use them the most.


These fourteen small updates will have you loving your kitchen even more and you won’t need to make major updates to achieve any of them! Instead, you can spend a little bit of time and money to finally have the kitchen of your dreams!




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