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2 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid when Remodeling Your Kitchen

Victor Rodriguez 738808 UnsplashI once lived in an apartment that had a dishwasher that opened in front of the sink requiring me to lean over the door to get the dishes out of the sink. I always said that when I designed my dream kitchen I was going to make sure I didn’t make a mistake like that.

1. Don’t Forget the Workflow

With so many things to consider for your kitchen design, you might get caught up in trying to make sure everything will fit and overlook how it will function. Make sure you consider how much space everything will take up when it is open and in use. Try to do a mental walkthrough to make sure your appliances and cabinetry will work where you’ve placed them.

You also will want to consider where you put your electrical sockets. Make sure you’ve added sockets where you will be using your appliances.

2. Consider Your Lifestyle

Maybe you have your heart set on trendy shelves instead of upper cabinets or glass front cabinet doors. These may be great choices that will look beautiful but consider whether you will find them to be enough storage or cause you the added stress of trying to organize a bunch of children’s sippy cups in an artful way. Think about how you use your kitchen and make choices that will meet your needs.

Another often forgotten item in the kitchen is the lowly trash can. Making a space for it in your kitchen will keep it out of the way and is a great feature if you have small children or pets.

You will want to make sure you have bright enough lighting in the areas you need it. Also, make sure you’ve remembered to add appropriate ventilation. If you keep functionality in mind, you’ll be able to avoid bothersome kitchen design mistakes.

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