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2017 Basement Design Trends that We Expect to See Throughout 2018

Basement remodeling projects continue to see high demand from homeowners, and more trends continue to emerge. Mostly, this is based on the need for additional living space, but this is a good way to increase comfort and increase recreational space. This is why so many basements are reimagined as game rooms and wine bars. Large basements give homeowners , even more, ptions for renovation. Take a look at some of the current trends that will continue through to the next year.

basement remodelExtension of the Living Space

Many early basement projects were simple in scale, with much of the focus on the most basic amenities for an extra bedroom. Over time people came to value this space as a part of the home that was not being used to its potential. By maintaining the look of the flooring and finish as the upper part of the house, contractors reinforced the idea that there was no substantial difference.

The Open Layout

The move towards more open layouts in homes has influenced basement remodeling in recent years. Since square footage is usually limited in basements, why make things more challenging by adding walls? Freeing up the space allows easy movement and you can blend different design styles together. While this trend is becoming more popular, it is not the best choice for someone who wants a private space.

Walkout Basement

This is only suitable for basements with one or more foundation walls that are not underground. This is most common with homes built on sloping lots. You will have the advantage of getting more natural light and you can put in a door leading to the outside. So popular is this trend, that some homeowners are remodeling basements to get this feature even without the natural slope. Of course, this makes the project more challenging, and you might need special permission before starting.

Home Gym

This is a relatively easy conversion, and it is a money saver for fitness enthusiasts. You can put in workout machines and a weight rack, but to up the ante you can consider a sauna and a shower.

Entertainment Room

Whether you like to watch sports or play video games you can set up the basement for enjoying your free time. Plan the layout to decide where you will put the TVs, seating, and maybe a small food preparation area. One popular option is an in-home theater.

Basement Remodeling in Chicago

While these are some of the trendiest basement remodeling options, you are by no means limited to these choices. A basement can be restructured to be like any other part of the house, so let your imagination run wild. Have a file or envelope full of basement pictures that inspire you when you call us at 312-714-5454 to discuss remodeling your basement. We offer our remodeling services to homeowners in Chicago, Lake Forest, Elmhurst, Wilmette, Lincoln Park, Naperville, Oak Park, Barrington, Glenview, Hinsdale and the surrounding areas.

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