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2018 Remodeling Trends to Look Out For

Stencil.twitter Post 4Remodeling trends can act as a good starting point for updating the home. Anyone who needs inspiration can look at the latest trends, and these may reveal some needs they had not considered. Here are some of the trends designers and contractors expect to see a growing demand for in the coming months.

  1. Aging in place. This concept can incorporate wide-ranging changes to the interior and exterior of a home. These changes are specific to individual needs, and may evolve over time. There may be dexterity problems which require changes to knobs and pulls. Later there may be mobility issues which require the widening of doorways for wheelchair and scooter access.
  2. Multigenerational. This trend is expected to see significant growth for a variety of reasons. More members of the extended family are sharing one roof, or living in units in close proximity. These projects may involve basement remodeling, and home additions. Typically they also include adjustments for mobility of older relatives.
  3. Smart home features. This addresses the need for modern amenities while giving homeowners more control and peace of mind. It is possible to operate lighting, door locks or the thermostat even when away from home. Many appliances also have smart features for a more relaxed lifestyle.
  4. Outdoor decks. Yards are getting smaller generally, but homeowners still want to be able to spend more time outdoors. Even a small deck can expand the living space, but other options worth exploring include multi-level decks and roof decks.
  5. Kitchen remodeling. The kitchen is still a focus of remodeling plans around the country, but with an increasing push to creating more functional spaces. There will be greater demand for safety features like non-slip floors to accommodate aging in place and multigenerational remodeling. More kitchens will end up having smart appliances and tech additions like docking stations. Expanded kitchen spaces may also be necessary in some cases.
  6. Using reclaimed material. Repurposing old materials is eco friendly and a money saver for many households. Old furniture can be refurbished to make shelves or a cabinet. Homeowners can also visit boatyards or farms for wood that can be used to make all kinds of furniture and storage units.
  7. Textured walls. Some colors continue to appeal to homeowners, while a few bolder choices are showing up in spaces like kitchens. Regardless of the color, texture adds more depth to the interior design. Textured wall coverings are also available to achieve this effect.

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