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4 Ideas to Decorate that Unused Space above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Stencil.instagram Post 4Kitchen cabinets may be installed in a few different ways, and one of the most common is to leave the tops of the cabinets unattached to anything. This offers a decorative advantage that homeowners whose cabinets reach the ceiling don’t have. You can extend your decor above the cabinets to increase the visual appeal of your kitchen. Let’s look at 4 different ideas for that space above your upper kitchen cabinets.

Different Paint Color and Vinyl

Start by simply painting the area above the cabinets a different color. Use a color that complements the rest of the room. Add some vinyl lettering or decoration and install above-cabinet lighting. Vinyl lettering is a great option because it is easy to remove and change whenever you want a change of scenery.

Showcase Something Special

Choose something you’ve collected like decorative dishes or glass containers. Place them strategically along the tops of the kitchen cabinets. Use lighting or other pops of color to bring attention to clear glass items.

Potted Plants

Greenery, in the form of potted plants or faux plants, is a great addition to the tops of the cabinets. It helps bring the area to life and add extra color to your kitchen. Live plants will do well in the area as long as they have light from a window or glass door. Alternatively, you could add transom windows above the cabinets to increase natural lighting and provide sunlight for plants.

Favorite Artwork or Sculptures

Choose your favorite appropriately-sized pieces of artwork or sculptures to display above the kitchen cabinets. You don’t want to overwhelm the area with large pieces of art or very tall sculptures unless the ceiling height allows it. Cathedral ceilings offer the ability to use a variety of sizes of artwork or sculptures in your decor.

Protect Your Decor

Use Velcro strips, command strips, or double sided tape to protect your artwork or collectibles from damage. Pets, especially birds and cats, love exploring the places above their heads, and they can truly wreak havoc on your overhead decor.

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