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4 Options for Adding More Space to Your Home

Space is at a premium in many houses nowadays, and if this is true at your house, it may be time for a change. No, we are not talking about packing up and moving or beginning a search for a new home.

That’s the type of move that will get you a new house that has a whole new set of imperfections. Instead, we are talking about options to expand the space in your current home. This process is much cheaper than buying a new home and guarantees that your home will meet your vision of perfection.

Here are 4 options for adding more space to your home:

  1. Bring the Indoors Out: No one ever said that the additional space at your home had to be on the inside. If you love spending time outside, then you should add a nice space outdoors that connects to the back of your home. You can create a wonderful seating area complete with an outdoor kitchen and ambiance lighting.
  2. Build an Addition: Not everyone can build an addition onto their home because of space constraints. But if you have the available space, a home addition might be one of your best options. An addition can be constructed anywhere around your home. You can even create an entirely new second story on top of your existing home as long as your foundation can handle the stress. The possibilities are endless if you have the space. Another addition option would be a covered porch or patio area that you could use all year long.
  3. Add a Deck Upstairs: If you have a two story home and a deck, consider building another deck and connecting the two with a catwalk, swinging bridge, or stairs. Or you can simply build a balcony type deck outside of the master bedroom or other upstairs bedrooms.
  4. Utilize Your Basement: Basements were originally meant for storage and laundry facilities, but that has completely changed over the years. Now the basement is being turned into useful living spaces and can be created to look like they are in a multimillion-dollar home regardless of your budget. We recommend that you do not overlook the basement, because it is one of the easiest ways to add space to your home. In fact, a full basement nearly doubles the square footage of your home.

It is not always easy to add space to a home, but we can advise you and tell you which options would work best for you as well as answer any questions that you may have. We recommend that you make a decision that will work well for you now and in the future as well. Consideration for the future ensures that you do not need to worry about not having enough space for a very long time.

Our builders and designers will work with you to create the most amazing home addition for your home and your family’s needs. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you’re in the greater Chicago area and would like to discuss building or remodeling with us.

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