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4 Tips for Your Basement Remodeling Project

If you have finally made the decision to remodel your basement so that you can use it in a way that better fits your lifestyle, then there are a few things that you need to know. Every basement is different, just like every renovation is different. You will need to make decisions that will work best with your basement and your family. Here are 4 tips for your basement remodeling project:

Vinyl Window Replacement

Prioritize Safety

Safety is always a top priority for everyone. There are certain safety issues that arise when you are trying to utilize a basement space for more than just occasional use. You will need to make sure that you have enough exits available for people who are down in the basement when an emergency occurs. Most basements do not have doors, so the windows must be large enough for people to fit through to get outside quickly and safely.

Deal with Moisture

Basements can be very damp, so you will want to make sure that you do not have any water or moisture coming in through the concrete. Moisture in the basement should not be an issue if you’re planning to remodel. Repairs and preparations must be made as necessary. If you do not make any repairs before the renovation, all of the work that you do will be ruined.

Gather Information

We always recommend that any potential hazards in a basement are identified before any work is done. Getting halfway through a project and finding asbestos or mold is only going to delay the project for a long period of time. One way to combat unforeseen potential problems is to hire a home inspector.

Look Ahead

Prepare for the future as you are completing renovations. You will not want to completely block off the furnace and make it impossible to get to because when you need to replace it you will have a problem. On the other hand, if you know that you will be doing future renovations that include plumbing or electrical work, you might want to do some of that prep work now. As long as you are doing it for this space, it will not take too much more time to add a little bit more for the future. You will most likely save money too.

A basement renovation adds much-needed space to your family’s home. It can be a space where the whole family can gather and spend time together having fun or nearly anything you can imagine. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 at Barts Remodeling if you’re interested in remodeling your basement this winter. We’ll schedule an appointment for an initial consultation and get the ball rolling.

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