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5 Electrical Mistakes Commonly Made by Homeowners

Electrical work can be an ongoing process throughout the life of a home. Over time, occupants will purchase new equipment, there may be additions to the home, or fixtures and outlets may need to be relocated. Given this extensive work over long periods, it is not unusual for a few mistakes to be made. The first, and probably the most worrying, is hiring an unqualified person to handle your home’s electrical work. This increases the risk of a house fire, electrical shocks and damage to your equipment. Some other electrical mistakes homeowners make, especially as DIY projects are:

  1. Overloading outlets: this is a common problem in many homes as many people do not seem to know better. Using too many power strips in a single outlet can overload the circuits and cause breakers to trip. If there are not enough outlets in a room, get an electrician to install more where they are needed.
  2. Loose outlets and switches: these fixtures will endure repeated use for years, so proper support is essential. When they are loose this can give the home a shoddy look, and they can eventually fall off completely. This can be dangerous as the wires can also loosen and start to overheat and cause a fire.
  3. Poor box installation: the electrical box should not protrude from the wall, but this often happens with inexperienced installers. The thickness of the drywall must be accounted for during installation. If it is done right, the face of the box should be flush with the surface of the wall.
  4. Failing to put in ground wire: for three slot outlet receptacle, ground wires are essential. You should not use a three prong plug in an outlet if you are not sure that it is grounded. If something goes wrong, the grounding wire keeps electricity from damaging equipment, or leading to a fire or injury.
  5. Using the wrong size wires: people who lack training may not realize that wire gauges are linked to the amps they will carry. Paying attention to the wire rating is essential for safety and equipment protection.

The electrical wiring of a home is something that should be taken seriously. Whether you are building a home or doing some remodeling, we can make some recommendations for keeping your home safe from electrical damage. Failing to take the right steps can ultimately prove costly and dangerous. Call us to discuss your home remodeling needs. We’ll help with the electrical issues as well as plumbing, design, and remodeling.

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