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5 Factors to Consider while Designing Your Kitchen

Pexels Photo 1082357Designing and remodeling your kitchen takes a lot of preplanning, planning, consulting, and more planning. Did we mention the planning part? The more planning that goes into your project, the fewer mistakes will be made in the long run. So today we wanted to talk about 5 areas of your kitchen remodeling project that have a big impact on the project as a whole.

Plan Your Budget

One of the key factors for any remodeling project is the budget. The lack of a well-planned budget could spell disaster for the homeowner. Decide the maximum budget allowances for every item you’ll need, and work on finding items within that price range.

Your Needs and Kitchen Layout

How you use your kitchen will determine a lot of things regarding the design and layout. The three most common kitchen layouts are Galley, L-shaped, and U-shaped. Each layout has its own pros and cons, and the way the kitchen is used helps us determine which type works best for you.

Cabinets and Other Storage

Cabinets are a staple in every kitchen, so the first goal is to figure out whether you want custom cabinets, semi-custom, or stock. Stock cabinets are the type that you can go into any home improvement store and purchase today. Semi-custom may need to be ordered from the home improvement store. Custom cabinets are higher-end cabinets that are made to order. Also consider adding a sizeable pantry and other decorative storage options like open shelving, floating shelving, or baskets.

The Floor

The kitchen is the most-used room in the home, so it makes sense that the flooring needs to be durable. Take cleaning, durability, appearance, and personal comfort into consideration when choosing the type of flooring you’ll install in your kitchen. Tile gets very uncomfortable if you spend long periods standing. Vinyl flooring or linoleum may be more comfortable long term.


You need enough countertop space to comfortably go about your normal routine. The goal of any kitchen remodeling project needs to be to provide you a nice, comfortable, functional kitchen. That includes the countertop space and other workspaces as well. Choose a material that is easy to clean, doesn’t stain easily, and is low maintenance.

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