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5 Features Every Kitchen Must Have


Dinner prep, meal time, homework, family time, this is all done in the hub of your home, the kitchen. There are many ways that you can improve your kitchen space plus multiple features that every kitchen, including yours, needs. Here are 5 features that every kitchen must have:


Access to the Outdoors

Entertaining is at the top of the list for many people and with warmer temperatures approaching, a lot of your entertaining will move to the outdoors. To make it easier to take food and drinks to your guests, your kitchen should open up to your outdoor entertaining space such as your deck or patio.

Lots of Lights

Lighting is important in a kitchen and you will need different types of lights depending on what you are doing. Pendant lights work best over an island, while under the cabinet lights work well when you are working on dinner prep at the counter. Ambient lighting is also necessary for those late-night or early morning trips to the kitchen.

Warming Drawer

How many nights do you have people wandering into your home at all different hours? Maybe your spouse works until six, but your daughter needs to eat at five, because she needs to be to work by six. Oh, and another child doesn’t get dropped off from sports until 6:30. It can be a nightmare as you prepare dinner and try to find a way to keep it from drying out as you keep it warm. A warming drawer is a perfect solution for you and you will find that you will use it constantly.

Small Appliance Garage

We all hate leaving our appliances out on the countertops, but it can be a hassle to pick them all up and put them in a cupboard multiple time each day. An appliance garage is a handy place, because you can push it back into the space and close the door. This feature will keep these items close by and you can easily pull them out when you need to use them.

Hidden Outlet Strips with USB Chargers

Kitchens need a lot of outlets, but you might not want to see all of them. We recommend having hidden outlets installed in places that you can access easily. You will still be able to plug in all your appliances, but you will not have to ruin the beautiful backsplash that you love with random outlet placement. Include outlets with USB charging capabilities so everyone can put their electronic devices on charge during mealtimes.

Improved Functionality and Appearance

These features will enhance the appearance of your kitchen as well as improve the functionality. Of course, there are many other features that you can include in addition to the ones we listed here. Call us at 312-714-5454 to discuss your kitchen remodeling ideas and random ideas you think could be implemented in your upcoming kitchen remodel.

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