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5 Ideas for Turning the Empty Nest into an Amazing Home that Fits Your New Lifestyle


Your last child has finally flown the coop and while you may be a little sad, you know that part of you is jumping for joy right now! You may have been thinking that you were going to leave everything in your home as it is, because hey, you never know who may be coming back. However, there is a small chance that no one will return, and you can change things in your home a little bit.

Here are 5 ideas for turning your empty nest into an amazing home that fits your new lifestyle:

  1. Purchase New Furniture


Unless you never let your children anywhere near your furniture, it is probably stained and a little worse for wear. This is the perfect time to grab a few new pieces and then replace the rest as time goes on.


  1. Install Some New Flooring


Okay, flooring gets a beating, even more than furniture does, so these empty nest years are the best time to install some new flooring. You can replace that worn out carpeting or even consider wood floors.


  1. Change Your Children’s Bedrooms


You can now choose to change your children’s bedrooms into spaces that you can use for other purposes. It is a good idea to keep one as a guest room, unless you already have a dedicated guest room. Other ideas that you will love include a home gym, home office, craft room, or even a library.


  1. Consider a Major Remodel or a Few Repairs


You may or may not be planning on staying in your home forever, but once you make a decision of where you will be in your golden years, you need to consider some repairs or a remodel. A new roof or furnace will increase the value of your home quickly, while a remodeled kitchen will have you enjoying the space until it is time to sell.


  1. Consider Updating Your Backyard


Your kids may have used your backyard for playing, but you can now use it for entertaining or for some Zen time. We recommend adding a garden with a fountain or small pond or a deck or screened in patio that you can use almost all year round.


These five options will have your home looking amazing for these empty nest years, which is a good thing, as your life changes in ways that you never expected. In fact, you will start enjoying your home even more once you have implemented these changes, so get started and change things to make your home the place that you are the happiest.


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