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5 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry and Closets


When was the last time you looked inside your kitchen pantry or closets and thought of how wonderful they all looked? We are thinking that it has been awhile, unless you use these spaces as a display showcase and store your regular food items somewhere else!

While we know that your entire family uses these areas to get food, there are a few tricks that you can use to keep everything organized and looking fabulous. Plus, you probably won’t need to deal with empty cereal boxes and stale chips as often!

Here are 5 tips for organizing your kitchen pantry and closets:

  1. Gather Up Clear Storage Containers


One of the best ways to see what you have and what you need is to have everything inside clear storage containers. You can choose round or square jars, although, we prefer the square or rectangular ones, since they fit onto shelves better. Simply label each jar with what is inside, and you will instantly know what you need to purchase the next time you go to the store.


  1. Always Group Similar Items Together


Once you have all your food items inside the containers, you may think that you can just throw it all into the pantry. However, we recommend that you take the time to group similar items together, as it makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. After school snacks can have one section, baking another section, and canned goods can have their own home.


  1. Consider Storing Items on the Door


Depending on the size of your pantry or closet, you may find yourself short on space. In those scenarios, you may want to consider storing items on the door. A few items that work well in this space are foil, storage bags, and spices. There are racks that you can purchase, or you can have them custom made to fit your personal needs.


  1. Utilize a Cart


If space is a true issue in your pantry or closet, then a cart will work wonders for you. Simply wheel a small cart inside the space and then place some of your clear containers on it. You will be amazed at how much you can fit on a small cart if you choose the proper containers.


  1. Add Chalkboard Paint to the Door


Do you always hastily look through your pantry or closet right before you head to the grocery store and hope that you do not miss anything? This is something that many of us do, but we now have a solution! Add a coat of chalkboard paint to the door of your pantry or closet and then write down items as you notice that you are low. Your family can even add items that they use up, with a little prodding from you! Then simply take a picture of the list with your phone and you will never miss an item ever again.


These five tips will have your kitchen pantry and closets more organized than ever, so you can spend less time in your kitchen searching for that one item that you thought you had. Imagine collecting everything that you need to make a meal within minutes and never needing to run to the store for a missing ingredient, that you find two days later, again!


It is all possible when you take the time to organize your kitchen pantry and closet, so start today and see how lifechanging it can be!


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