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5 Ways to Increase Functionality in a Galley Kitchen

Most people who have galley kitchens don’t choose them. Rather, they are forced to work with them due to the design of the home or space limitations. It is not always possible to remove a wall to expand the space, so the homeowner will have to get creative to make the best use of what is available. Here are some ways to make sure that this space is functional and keep meal preparation from becoming a stressful affair.

  1. Stencil.twitter Post 1Make sure there is good lighting. This is essential in any kitchen and it applies both to sunlight and lighting fixtures. For a galley kitchen, the best position for the window is usually the center, above the sink. Another good spot is at the far end of the kitchen to flood the space with light. Light fixtures should be positioned to cover all parts of the kitchen and prevent too many shadows.
  2. Add creative storage. A small kitchen without enough storage can lead to clutter and hamper meal prep. Since large cabinets are out of the question, you have to get smart with your storage solutions. Take advantage of the insides and outsides of cabinet doors, or build a wine rack or slide out pantry into a wall.
  3. Stagger appliance positions. Proper layout is important to functionality in a galley kitchen. If you have large appliances on both sides, position them so that they don’t face each other. This will enable proper use of the workspace.
  4. Opt for lighter colors. Lighter tones can help to create a more open, airy feel. It also helps to make the most of lighting, both natural and artificial. Add accents to give a sense of your own style and complements the color scheme.
  5. Keep essential items close at hand. Whether they are hanging from hooks or in cabinets, the items you will use frequently should always be within quick reach. Plan your storage to accommodate large pots and small appliances close to the work areas. Make sure that hanging items will not encroach on your space.

Even in a small kitchen you can make effective use of your limited space. Success depends on starting with a plan that details storage, the work triangle, (sink, stove and refrigerator) and seating. A contractor with experience in kitchen remodeling can help you to work out details quickly.

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