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6 Detailed Factors to Consider when Remodeling Your Home – Part Two

Stencil.twitter Post 2Okay, part one of this miniseries was pretty interesting. We covered how to create a plan, being creative and unique, and setting your budget. Today we’re going to talk about repairs, environmental considerations, starting the process, and working with a general contractor. We hope we’re helping fill in the spots where many other remodeling blogs tend to be lacking in actual information. You need more than a rough outline to get started doing something!

Your Home May Require Repairs before Remodeling

It may sound silly considering we’re tearing your house apart to build it back up better than before. But occasionally we do run into issues that have gone unnoticed simply because they’re behind the walls or otherwise hidden from visual inspection. Here are a few issues that may need repair before remodeling can continue:

  • Plumbing – Small leaks in plumbing may be hidden within the walls and occur for years with little to no visible signs. Those leaks need to be repaired along with any damage to the wood or insulation.
  • Electrical – Older homes may not be up to code. Some homes don’t have GFCI outlets near water sources. Wiring may be old and pose a fire hazard.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Considerations

Your home probably isn’t as energy efficient as it could be if it hasn’t been remodeled or improved in the last 10 years. Homes built before 1980 may also contain lead paint or asbestos. We’ll need to be sure before we start tearing down walls and exposing our workers and your family to dangerous chemicals.

The windows in your home may also need to be repaired or replaced to improve energy efficiency. Take the opportunity to increase the window size in certain areas if you want. This is the perfect time to make the hole bigger and use that decorative window, or set of windows, that you’ve had your eye on.

Get the Ball Rolling

Okay, every project has to start somewhere, right? This one is pretty simple. Collect images from your favorite places like Pinterest, Etsy, or even online magazines. The time frame in which this project happens is entirely up to you. So it’ll go like this:

  • You collect images of rooms that you like. Maybe look at some before and after remodeling pictures online and collect those. We’ll use your ideas as inspiration.
  • Start collecting things you want to include in your home. This part is optional. You can collect things like tables or chests that you want to refinish as part of the renovation. These items will make it easier to budget later if you already have them on hand.
  • Set your budget. Don’t let the remodel completely drain your bank account. The objective is to remodel the interior of your home so you can continue to live there; not feel like you’ve become a pauper in the process.
  • Call us for a consultation.

Home Remodeling in Chicago

It’s that simple. This may feel like information overload, but we wanted to be as thorough as possible so you can make the best decisions with valid information. This finishes our miniseries of 6 factors to consider when remodeling your home. Give us a call and let us show you how we can help you improve your home one room at a time.

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