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6 Factors to Consider when Remodeling Your Bathroom

The bathroom is such a personal space, that it is easy to understand why anyone would want the amenities to reflect a certain style. For many, this is where the rush of the day starts, yet you can also unwind by soaking in the tub at the end of the day. This is why the decision to remodel is such an important one. Before you start the project, think about some of the factors that can affect the outcome.

Stencil.defaultWhat is Your Budget?

This should be one of the first thoughts when planning a remodeling project. This is will tell you exactly what type of work and materials you can afford. When you know how much you are able to spend, you can get a design that meets these limitations. You might realize that some sections do not need to be replaced right away.

How Can You Save?

You can get the bathroom of your dreams without feeling you overextended yourself in terms of budget. Keeping an eye out for sales and discounts is a god start. An old cabinet can be refinished and used as a vanity. A luxury marble countertop is not always as costly as you might think. Check suppliers for remnant pieces and you could save big on a bathroom update.

Existing Plumbing

It is best in most bathroom renovations to plan around the layout of the existing plumbing. Otherwise, you could be incurring some unnecessary expenses. Contractors generally suggest leaving the plumbing in place, especially if the client has a limited budget. Plumbing changes will also lengthen the amount of time the bathroom will be out of commission.

Do You Want to go Green?

Environmentally friendly bathroom remodeling is a growing trend, so this might be right for you. Using reclaimed wood, or reusing old furniture can help you to go green and save money at the same time.

How Much Will be DIY?

Many people dream of doing their own remodeling, but not everyone is up to the task. Stick to the simpler jobs like changing the showerhead, and drawer and cabinet pulls. If you lack experience, leave the more challenging jobs to professionals.

Is There Adequate Ventilation?

If there is a ventilation problem in the bathroom this should be on the checklist for remodeling. Poor ventilation can cause moisture buildup and eventually more serious problems like rot or mold growth.

Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, there may be many more things to think about, but these are among the most important. Call us at 312-714-5454 to start planning and discuss how to create a realistic budget for bathroom remodeling. Our goal is to take your ideas and help you create an amazing bathroom that you will love for years to come.

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