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6 Ideas for Choosing the Best Appliances to Finish Your Kitchen with Style and Functionality

Kitchen remodels and redesigns are major renovations and the potential that a new kitchen can have is really amazing. While new countertops, cabinets and paint are important factors in creating the new space, appliances will take the new kitchen over the top in both style and functionality.

Kitchen Remodel Edgewater Glen Illinois

Here are 6 ideas for choosing the best appliances for a new kitchen:

  1. The colors and finishes of the appliances should complement the rest of the renovated kitchen. If the kitchen has darker cabinets, then stainless steel is a better choice. A kitchen with a premium countertop and cabinets will need a higher quality refrigerator with French Doors instead of one that is very basic.
  2. The smaller appliances are just as important as the larger ones. The idea is to match all of the appliances together, so the entire space has a cohesive feel. No one wants to have a new kitchen with mismatched appliances.
  3. If replacing the smaller appliances is not in the budget, then hopefully storage for these items were included in the renovations. It is usually better if there are not too many small appliances on the countertop anyway, because it can make the space look cluttered and too small.
  4. Refrigerators come in many styles and the price varies with the style that is chosen. However, the best ones have the French Doors on top with a pullout tray for certain items. The freezer is located on the bottom of these and they are quite roomy. One of the newer inventions that can really help a busy homeowner is the refrigerators with the cameras built in. These cameras can be accessed remotely on a smartphone, so that every homeowner will know exactly what is in the refrigerator even if they are in the store.
  5. High end stoves and ovens will help not only the busiest homeowners, but also the ones who cook quite often. Many ovens are actually convection ovens, which cuts down on baking and cooking times. Most of the stove tops on the higher end models have more than four burners which helps when there is a crowd over for dinner.
  6. Overhead microwaves help save space in every kitchen and they are located above the stove, which makes them handier. Some of the newer microwaves can actually cook foods using a convection speed, so it is a great alternative to a toaster oven.

As long as a homeowner stays consistent with their design when they are choosing their appliances, they should have the kitchen of their dreams when the remodel is completed. The whole idea of a kitchen remodel is make the space more functional for the entire family. A local contractor can assist homeowners by supplying ideas that will work in their kitchen, so that the homeowner can decide on what they actually need in their new space.

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