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6 Must-Have Items to Add Functionality to Your New Kitchen

Every detail in a kitchen is a conscious decision, meant to reflect a sense of style and god taste. Even on a smaller budget, there are many countertop materials, flooring options, appliances and lighting features that can make this place truly special. What people should not forget is that in this space, design and functionality g hand in hand. These ideas will help you to combine these two basic concepts effectively.

  1. Pull-out pantry – this meets the need to have the items you want close at hand, and the ability to put them away quickly. There could be a few ideal spaces for this kitchen feature that you never thought of, so take the time to explore the possibilities of the space.
  2. Appliance storage – the ability to put your small appliances away can help create a neater work area. Build the storage with outlets so you will be able to use the appliances without moving them.
  3. Movable work area – extra work space can be a godsend in the busy holiday period, or at any time when you are entertaining guests. Being able to move a work space to any area where it is needed will add convenience and speed up meal prep. Some movable work areas can also serve as portable cooking surfaces. They can also help with serving guests.
  4. New lighting fixtures – if you want to boost efficiency in the kitchen, it is time to think about updating your lighting. Designated task lighting is a good addition to any kitchen. You should also attempt to increase the level of natural lighting for a bright and cheery space.
  5. Updated storage – storage is a sore point in many kitchens so think about new cabinets, shelves and ways to improve existing storage. Storage helps you to stay organized, which in turns increases functionality. Examine options like slide-out shelves in walls, and pull-out corner shelves in cupboards.
  6. Double ovens – imagine being on a tight schedule, but having the ability to bake separate meals with different temperatures at the same time. Having two ovens speeds up meal preparation and ensures that you will always be on track for any big events your are hosting.

Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago

For increased functionality, your focus should be on extra cooking space, keeping the area tidy, and speeding up your tasks. Sometimes, even the smallest changes can have a big impact. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you would like to discuss improving the storage and functionality in your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is exciting, but it can get overwhelming. We’ll help walk you through the difficult decisions involved and together we’ll create an amazing new kitchen.

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