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6 Outdated Trends to Avoid When Redesigning Your Kitchen

Some kitchen trends seem to be timeless, and you can opt for a few when you are at a loss for ideas. Some ideas however, have outlived their usefulness, and it is best not to even think about using them. A few of them may regain some measure of popularity eventually, as is usually the case with trends of any kind. This does not mean that you can try your luck with a design feature and hope that it catches on again. You could just be throwing your money away, plus you might end up with a kitchen that you are not happy with. Here are some of the trends that design experts suggest that you ignore.

New Kitchen With Quartz Countertops

  1. Cabinets for appliances – this emerged from the desire for a neater looking kitchen. The main problem is that it creates space limitations especially where countertops are concerned. It could also create difficulty in storing other items. Now we know that keeping appliances right there on the counter can still mean a neat looking kitchen. You can also explore other options like slide-out shelves for smaller appliances.
  2. Garbage compactors – these have been standard in most kitchen designs for many years, but today many homeowners see them as an inconvenience. They can cause odors in the kitchen, something you definitely want to avoid. Some people do not want to have to deal with yet another piece of equipment that can break down and affect their kitchen duties.
  3. Farmhouse sinks – people are still buying these types of sinks, but they are quickly losing ground. Experts feel that returning to the basic stainless steel kitchen sink is the way to go.
  4. Hanging pot racks – in today’s modern kitchen, hanging pots can seem like a distraction. On the opinion of some, it can hinder the view of the space. This feature is less desirable for people who want that sleeker look for their kitchens.
  5. Over the range microwave – this is generally a convenience issue, as some members of a household will no doubt have trouble reaching this often used appliance. A better spot for your microwave when you renovate might be a nook under a cabinet or shelf.
  6. Glazed cabinets- this gained popularity relatively quickly, but it seems to going out of style. It is being overtaken by natural wood finishes and matte finishes.

Kitchen remodeling costs can quickly add up so take steps to avoid regret in the near future. Choose the right trends, and your kitchen will look current for a long period.

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