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6 Ridiculously Clever Home Remodeling Ideas that You Will Love – Part One

Are you thinking about remodeling your home and having a hard time deciding what you want to do first? Imagine the sheer number of things that you can add to your home that will add value, functionality, and organization. Who knows, maybe in a few years you reach a certain point and find the need to sell your house and relocate, things happen all the time and we can’t always plan for them ahead of time. Updates to your home add value, which in turn most of the time makes selling your house go faster – that’s always a plus.

Stencil.instagram Post 1A highly functional home makes life easier, while being organized is such a relief when you are looking for something and you know exactly where it is. You definitely don’t want to be scrambling around your house trying to find that one thing, make a mess then have to clean it all up. Organization and functionality also comes in handy for junk drawers, cabinets, closets etc. It makes everything much neater instead of cluttered and thrown all around.

Here are 6 clever ideas that will give you ideas and make deciding a bit easier.

Bonus Room

A bonus room can be turned into anything you need at any given time. You can use it as organized storage, a craft room, an office, a playroom, a bedroom, or nearly anything else. Here are a couple of great ideas for turning the bonus room into a functional bedroom, office, and seating area.

Do you often have family come and visit from out of town, or do your kids have sleepovers with their friends often? Are they sleeping on the couch, or making beds of blankets and pillows on the floor because you don’t have enough room? One way to solve this issue is the Murphy bed.

A Murphy bed is a bed that is built into the wall or a faux shelving unit, but is functional at the same time, because it provides extra sleeping space. You can add a picture, something decorative or even add doors to it while it’s folded up to make it look nice. This is a wonderful idea because if you don’t have much extra space for a spare bed all the time, you can just move some things and let it out.

If you are looking for ideas other than a bunk bed, a day bed with a trundle would be a great option for the bonus room. A day bed is a normal full size bed, and the trundle is an extra bed frame hidden underneath that you pull out. Just make sure you purchase an extra mattress for it. Some trundle beds also have drawers underneath for extra storage.

Hidden Storage compartments

Storage, storage, storage; who doesn’t need extra storage? Hidden storage is even better because no one has to see boxes shoved into the walk-in-closet. You could implement hidden storage in the floor simply by building a small platform. This platform will have doors on top that you raise up and down and drawers in the front.

You could even add a bed on top of the storage platform and just raise the entire thing up when you need to. It may sound a little crazy, but if it’s done right it’s an amazing feature. Consider the fun you could have adding this type of storage in a child’s room – they would have “trap doors” with toys hidden everywhere!

Hidden staircase storage is another wonderful way to store things conveniently yet out of sight. Add a platform above the staircase to create another room such as a playroom, office, small bedroom, or even a library if you’re a big reader. The space below the staircase could be turned into a comfy Harry Potter style reading nook, or add shelves books, and additional storage. You can also add drawers on the side to add extra storage for shoes, stock piling items, or extra blankets and pillows.

Remodeling Your Home in Chicago

We knew this blog idea would be big, but now we’ve discovered that it is best made into a two-part series! Let us know what you think in the comments section or send us a message on Facebook. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you would like to discuss any of the ideas we’ve mentioned here or in part two – coming soon!

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