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6 Ridiculously Clever Home Remodeling Ideas that You Will Love – Part Two

Part one of our 6 ridiculously clever remodeling ideas covered the bonus room and hidden storage. Make sure to go back and look for it if you haven’t seen it yet. Today we’re going to cover the kitchen, bathroom, trash, and pet-specific areas. Our goal is to help you turn your house into an amazing home that grows and adapts to your family’s individual needs.

Stencil.instagram Post 2Rethink the Kitchen

A cabinet on your countertop, also called an appliance garage, is a great way to hide those small appliances that are probably currently sitting on the countertop and adding to the clutter. Customize it with a roll-up door or stain it to match and add the same hardware that is on your existing cabinetry. This cabinet may match your existing cabinets or appear to be a shelf that has been added as an after-thought.

Pull-out cabinets are very popular these days because they make use of currently-unused areas of the kitchen and act as hidden storage in some cases. Pull-out cabinets are definitely an ease on one’s back, they are great for spices, baking supplies, cookware, etc…

Add Warmth to the Master Bathroom

If you have a nice big jetted tub, then you probably enjoy taking long relaxing baths with a good book. What if you had a beautiful fireplace to go with that amazing tub and good book? If your master bathroom wall connects to your bedroom wall then a double sided fireplace would be an amazing feature to add. This way you could enjoy a nice crackling fire while in the tub and continue to enjoy it while you’re relaxing in bed.

Hide the Trash!

Lots of things can be added to your kitchen to make it functional and organized. Do you like the sight of trash cans in your kitchen or do you prefer a chute for garbage and recycling? If you have a kitchen wall that is connected to your garage or a utility room this would be a great place to add that chute. The trash cans will be located on the other side of the wall and then you just have the holes cut out and the chute inserted. If it’s done right, it will look like part of your kitchen design.

Pet-Specific Remodeling

If you own big dogs, then this dog shower area is a great addition. Generally these are located in a nice sized laundry room, a mudroom, or even in a basement area that has hard floors such as an unfinished area of the basement or a basement bathroom. This makes giving your dog a bath much easier! Fido can enjoy digging – in approved areas of course – and still be part of the family in the evening after a good bath.

Remodeling Your Home in Chicago

Whatever it may be that you would like to add onto your home, we hope these ideas have been a great way to get those creative juices flowing. We hope you will use these ideas or use them as inspiration to build onto ideas you currently have. Let us know what you think in the comments section or send us a message on Facebook. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you would like to discuss any of the ideas we’ve mentioned here or in part two – coming soon!

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