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6 Smart Home Features for Your Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Project


Many people want to turn their bathroom into an oasis and while that might be your dream as well, we recommend that you take those dreams and make them bigger. There are multiple smart home features that will enhance your dream bathroom and turn it into a magnificent retreat for you and your family.

Modern Style Lake ForestHere are 6 smart home features for your bathroom remodel:

Add Chromatherapy to Your Shower

Chromatherapy is color therapy and LEDs can be installed in your shower to balance your energy. The lights will cycle through all of the colors of the rainbow and while you may not think it will help how you feel, you will not be able to deny the fact that lightshows during showers are fantastic.

Add Music

Who doesn’t love to listen to music while in the bathroom? However, if you are like most people, you do not like to take your speakers into the bathroom for fear that they will get ruined from the humidity. Nowadays, they make speakers that are water-resistant and they can be attached to your shower wall. They work with Bluetooth, so that you can turn the music on in one room and listen to it in the bathroom.

Improve Your Toilet

Imagine sitting on a nice warm toilet seat in the middle of a cold night. Yes, this is possible with the newer toilets. These toilets also have features like automatic opening and closing lids, auto flush, a nightlight, self-cleaning capabilities, and a remote control.

Add Heat to Your Towels

You will never have to worry about drying off with a cold towel ever again when you install a towel warming drawer. Another option for this drawer is to place your pajamas in there as well, so that they are also toasty when you step out of the shower.

Remote Control Shower

Your shower can be on and at the right temperature for you before you even step foot out of bed. You can choose your temperature as well as the spray intensity that you prefer.


The morning news, your favorite chat show, or an evening sitcom can be enjoyed as you are taking your shower when you install a television inside your shower. Many of these televisions also feature floating remotes, so you will never lose it if you are taking a bath.

These smart home features will turn your newly remodeled bathroom in a dream space that you will be able to enjoy for many years. Since your bathroom will have so many wonderful features, you may find that you will never want to leave it again.

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