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6 Tips for Replacing the Type of Flooring in Your House

The floor in your house gets used and abused a lot. You walk on it everywhere you go. Every time you walk to the kitchen or down the stairs, your flooring takes a small amount of damage. Flooring shows wear and tear over time and it does need to be replaced when it becomes too worn.

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Here are 6 tips for replacing the type of flooring in your home:

  1. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and they do not scratch easily. It also does not get damaged from water that is tracked in from the outside or spilled.
  2. Hardwood is another type of flooring that is easy to keep clean with a vacuum or a broom. However, it is expensive to install and can get damaged by water and other liquids easily. The good news is that hardwood can be refinished if it does get damaged.
  3. Laminate is a less expensive version that looks like hardwood. It is very durable, which makes it perfect for high traffic areas. It does not scratch easily and it is easy to clean.
  4. Carpet can give a room a cozy feel and it is easy to install. Carpeting should only be used in rooms that do not get a lot of traffic, because dirt can get trapped inside the carpet fibers easily. If you or family members have allergies, then carpeting might not be the best choice for you.
  5. Vinyl is one of the least expensive choices for flooring, but there is a reason for that. It does not last as long as other flooring and it can tear or break apart over time.
  6. Cork is one of the newer options for flooring. It is a natural material that resists mold. The color of the cork flooring will change over time in sunlight and indents from furniture may never spring back.

The type of flooring that you decide on will need to be the one that works best with your family. There are many options available in many colors and styles, so finding one that matches your decor will be easy.

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