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6 Ways to Create Extra Countertop Space in Your Kitchen

Stencil.default 4Countertop space is at a premium in nearly every kitchen. In fact, the lack of counter space is within the top 3 reasons most homeowners give when they come to us to remodel the kitchen. So today we’ve come up with a list of six ways to create extra countertop space in your kitchen.

  1. Cutting Boards. Place a cutting board on the stove or over the kitchen sink to create more work space. Store them nearby so you can just reach for them as needed and put them away easily.
  2. Add Small Shelves. A small 6” shelf above the countertop gives you a lot of extra space for decorative items, plants, cookbooks, and regularly-used spices. Use a decorative shelf to add to the overall decor while improving the functionality of the area.
  3. Folding Shelving. Your window sill, the space under a cabinet, an unused wall, or even the area in front of your backsplash can become hidden space for a folding shelf. Flip it up, or down, when you need it and then fold it back into position when you don’t.
  4. Make Use of Hooks. Many homeowners have a jar or canister that holds large utensils such as spatulas and wooden spoons for cooking. Get rid of the utensils by installing a row of hooks inside a cabinet door.
  5. More Hooks! Install hooks underneath your upper kitchen cabinets and hang your favorite or decorative mugs. This keeps them within easy reach while keeping them off of the counters and out of the cabinets, effectively creating more space in your cabinets.
  6. Mount Baskets onto Your Backsplash. Decorative baskets are a beautiful way to increase storage in your kitchen and clear off valuable countertop space without having to hide things in the cabinets or pantry. They act as shelving, but cuter!

So here were 6 great ideas for creating extra countertop space and we didn’t even mention building corner shelves or organizing the pantry. Come back often for more great ideas for kitchen organization, renovation, and remodeling ideas. Call us if you’re in the greater Chicagoland area and would like to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with our designers. We can help you make the right decisions regarding your kitchen.

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