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7 Exciting Bathroom Trends for 2016 that Will Transform Your Bathroom

Gone are the days of boring bathrooms, and today’s gorgeous, trendy bathrooms are here to stay for the long haul. The many different options now available in flooring, walls, and fixtures mean that your bathroom can be one of the most fashionable rooms in your house. There’s no reason to let your bathroom fall to the wayside when you can transform it into the bathroom of your dreams with some of these great ideas.

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Au Natural: Use of warm woods and stone is great for natural looking bathrooms. A developing trend is for less manmade material in bathrooms and this trend seems to be growing. Stones are being used for the floor of bathrooms, while timber is popular for vanities, stools and even accessories. Of course, hardwood flooring is now being used in bathrooms as well. Plus, there is now lots of wood being used where only metal was the norm. If you are timid about real wood, you can still achieve the look with faux wood material.

Brass is the Boss: Brass will never go out of style when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Another trend includes mixing metals, such as brass with silver to create an outstanding contrast. The possibilities for mixing different metals are endless.

Floor Tiles with Style: There is so much variety, finding statement styles for your bathroom is easy. Using statement tiles is perfect for bathrooms where there is no wall space to use as a focus wall.

Can You Say Greenery: The bathroom can be perfect for some plants that thrive in the humid conditions. Ferns and some types of orchids will thrive in this environment, so why not create a little space for plants in your bathroom?

Backsplash Tiles: Nothing helps to create a spa-like look in a bathroom like a backsplash. You can go with glass tile in calming colors or the increasingly popular graphic tiles. Mosaic tiles for a backsplash also work well to create an attractive bathroom detail.

Black and White: The popularity of black and white remains constant. You can’t deny how tasteful these colors are when used together. Matte black fixtures set off with a white bath and toilet set makes quite the statement.

Lighting: The right light fixtures can always be depended on to create a statement wherever they are used. The placement of these fixtures is also very important. Depending on the size of your bathroom, consider placing individual lighting sconces and either side of the bathroom mirror. You can also use a chandelier if the bathroom is large.

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