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7 Home Addition Ideas that Will Improve Your Home’s Functionality

Tools 690038 1280We all know that a home addition will add square footage to your home and increase its monetary value. We also know that the added space will add to your home’s functionality, but have you really given it that thought its due attention? Today we’re going to talk about a variety of home additions and how they can add functionality to your home.

Additional Bedrooms

Additional bedrooms give you a lot of freedom in terms of home occupancy. Many people who add a bedroom to their home are expecting a child or inviting elderly family members to move in for their senior years. But you could also take the opportunity to build additional bedrooms to rent them out to local college students or host a foreign exchange student.

Additional Bathrooms

Growing families quickly learn that you can’t have too many bathrooms. Consider adding a pass-through bathroom between two bedrooms to free up another bathroom in the same general area. Alternatively, add a small bathroom for each bedroom, effectively turning every bedroom into a master and freeing up the primary bathroom in the area. The addition of a half-bath in the laundry room or kitchen is also a very popular home addition.

A New Master Suite

Go all out and design a master suite that meets or exceeds all of your expectations. Let your imagination run wild and create the master suite you’ve only dared to dream up. Your old bedroom can become a great office space, home gym, entertainment room, or even storage space. It’s all entirely up to you.

A Garage with Upstairs Apartment

A garage is an excellent home addition, but take it a step further and add an upstairs apartment or upstairs storage. Most homeowners end up storing seasonal things and sporting equipment in the garage and creating a cluttered mess throughout the years. Nip that idea in the bud before it even begins by ensuring that you have storage space as needed – above the garage.

A More Functional Kitchen

Did your home’s original builder completely forget about the golden triangle of kitchen design? Do you find yourself searching for the right spot to store something after 5 years in your home? Let us design and build the perfect kitchen for you. We can help you expand your kitchen and make the most of the additional square footage.

A Large Mudroom and Sunroom

Sometimes the average laundry room doesn’t cut it. We completely understand that your laundry needs change and grow as your family grows. Children and teens often get into sports or other activities that ensure you’ll always have some type of laundry or uniform to wash. And winter activities in the Chicagoland area can get quite messy. A large mudroom will help you keep the rest of the house clean year-round as family, both human and furry family members, enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

Build a Home Addition in Chicago

Building a home addition obviously adds a lot of functionality and monetary value to your home, but keep it within neighborhood norms. Don’t increase the value of your home so far above others in the neighborhood that you will never sell it for the new amount it is worth. Let’s say, for example, you purchased your home for $200,000 and the median price of homes in the neighborhood is $225,000. Don’t do more than $25,000 or $30,000 worth of improvements if you expect to break even when you sell.

Are you ready to remodel your home and build an addition? Give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll help you design and build the best home addition to fit your family’s needs perfectly.

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