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7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Work with Any Size Kitchen

Every kitchen is unique to the homeowner. We all have things we must have and those things differ from person to person. You may prefer solid painted walls where your neighbor prefers a backsplash. These differences are a big consideration when planning to remodel your kitchen. Here are seven great ideas for small kitchen design that work well in any size kitchen.

Unique Lighting
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How many times have you seen a singular light fixture in the center of the ceiling used as the primary lighting source for an entire room? This was a very popular and inexpensive way to light the home years ago, but today’s lighting is unique and diverse. We plan to install cabinet lighting, task lighting, ambient lighting, and whatever other unique kitchen lighting you choose.

Quality Materials

We can’t stress this one enough – use quality materials. Period. The average kitchen is remodeled every 7-10 years. You don’t want to buy materials that only last 3-5 years and have your kitchen looking like a disaster zone before the 7-10 year mark hits.

Create a Bar

This idea works best in an open floor plan that allows a little room for kitchen expansion. Build a bar area with cabinets underneath. The bar gives you more countertop space and a place to sit to eat, and the cabinets offer more storage possibilities.

Build an Island

A kitchen island works perfectly if you have the space to spare. You may also consider the idea of a mobile kitchen island so you can move it out of the way as needed or even use it as an eat-in dinette set. Create storage in the island if needed and always try to implement some type of kitchen functionality into the unit.

Tile it UP!

Tile is one of the best materials for the kitchen because it is so easy to clean and it looks pretty amazing, too. Consider a variety of tile styles for the flooring, backsplashes, accent walls, and even countertops if you’re torn over which type of countertop to purchase.

Use Unique Colors

The black and white kitchen is still very stylish and a go-to for many homeowners. You can use nearly any accent colors with black and white as your backdrop. However, don’t be afraid to play with color. A lot. Choose colors that you enjoy; colors that make you feel happy. Use your favorite colors with some amazing accent colors to make them pop.

Use Vertical Space

Make use of all of the spaces in your kitchen regardless of size. Both large and small kitchens greatly benefit from the utilization of vertical spaces. Use your walls to hang utensils and other items, the backs of cabinet doors for foil, lids, and other necessities. All vertical spaces can be made functional, but remember that most vertical spaces are visible at some point; make it attractive!

Remodeling Chicago One Kitchen at a Time

Here are some of our favorite kitchen remodeling projects in and around the Chicago area. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you’re in the greater Chicago area and would like to discuss remodeling your kitchen with us. We’ve helped many homeowners create the perfect kitchen to fit their lifestyle, and we look forward to working with you.

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