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7 Tips for Custom Master Bathroom Design in Chicago


Any remodeling project is a process that needs careful planning. If you have already remodeled or you are new to the process, you should make a careful plan. Here are 7 tips for designing a master bathroom.

  1. Plan Carefully: Every remodeling project comes with costs. Think carefully about your budget and the amount you want to spend on your remodel. Do some research on the specific areas you want to redesign.
  2. Research the Costs: First, consider the size of your space and the cost of the material you will use. Then, calculate the costs for a contractor if you plan to use one. The cost of a bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $3,000-100,000 so plan carefully.
  3. Hide the Toilet: It’s not a good idea so see the toilet from the doorway. Guests should not see your toilet if the bathroom door gets left open. There are a couple of ways you can hide the toilet.
  4. Do the Installation Yourself: If your bathroom is open and doesn’t have a separate toilet room, try placing a large cabinet in front of the toilet. This will also allow you to store bathroom accessories in the cabinet. If your budget is bigger, consider building a separate toilet room.
  5. Use Decorative Lighting: You can hire a lighting designer to give you advice on maximizing your lighting, or try it out on your own. A lighting expert will help you layer the light for your space. Some types of the lighting they will focus on include decorative, task, ambient, and accent. Don’t be afraid to research the types of lighting on your own and test them out in the bathroom.
  6. Choosing Your Fixtures: Your sink, shower, and tub should stand at the right height. Think about the people in your family. You want your sink and tub at comfortable levels.
  7. Vents Are Important: Bathrooms are places where mold and moisture like to live. Design your bathroom with plenty of ventilation. Install a fan near the shower that leads to the outside of the house.

Remodeling your bathroom in Chicago or the surrounding areas can be less stressful with these 7 handy tips and with our help. We’ll help you design the perfect bathroom, choose materials, and even help you choose paint colors. Call us for a free consultation and we’ll schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

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