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7 Ways to Make Open Shelving Work in Your Kitchen


If you have been searching for a way to make your kitchen look more open and airier, you do not need to look any further than open shelving. Simply removing the upper cabinets in your kitchen and adding open shelves will have you thinking that you have more space than ever before.

Here are 7 ways to make open shelving work in your kitchen:

  1. Add Hanging Storage Too


While open shelving is great, we recommend adding hanging storage as well. You can place the hanging storage in between open shelves or simply add it to a small space to keep the room balanced.


  1. Create Right Angles in Corners


It is easy to let open shelves stop right at the end of the wall, but we urge you to take this a step further by creating a right angle with the shelving. This right angle will add visual appeal, while also giving you a little extra shelving space.


  1. Create the Open Pantry of Your Dreams


If you do not have a pantry in your kitchen, but you have a wall waiting for something, we recommend that you turn that wall into the pantry of your dreams. Simply add the shelving to the wall, we love shelves from the very top to the very bottom, and then place clear containers with the items you use the most on them.


  1. Use that Space Over Your Sink


That space over your kitchen sink is wasted unless you take the time to use it for something. We recommend placing a couple open shelves in that space, so that it doesn’t look as boring. We love placing plants on those shelves, as well as a couple items we use the most when we are at the sink.


  1. Remove Your Cabinet Doors


If you are not sure if you will love the open shelving concept, or you do not have any money to update your kitchen at the moment, then simply remove your cabinet doors. This will give you an idea of how open shelving will look in your kitchen, without the need for any remodeling right away.


  1. Create a Coffee Bar


If you are the type of person who needs coffee every morning, or throughout the day, then an open shelf can serve as the perfect coffee bar for you. Simply place a shelf or two over your coffee pot and use them for cups, mugs, coffee, sugar, and anything else you need for that perfect cup of joe.


  1. Consider Different Looks


There is no right or wrong shelf when it comes to open shelving, so use your imagination when it comes to materials, sizes, and even shapes.


Use any or all these seven tips to create amazing open shelving options in your kitchen and see how much better it looks afterwards. Everything will seem bigger, and you will instantly love how you can find everything with just a quick look around.


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