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8 Bathroom Storage Ideas that You Are Sure to Love

It can be difficult to incorporate enough storage into a bathroom, depending on its size and how much needs to be stored. If you are tired of having to leave the bathroom to retrieve a towel or a new roll of toilet paper from the closet in the hallway or yelling for someone to bring toilet paper, then you will want to read about these bathroom storage ideas.

Here are 8 bathroom storage ideas that you are sure to love:

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  1. Mason jars are the perfect storage containers for small items like Q-tips, makeup applicators and cotton balls. You can even place emery boards, nail polish and makeup in them.
  2. Installing a shelf over the door will instantly add storage to your bathroom. Place a few cute baskets on top to hold smaller items or use it to store your mason jars and other containers.
  3. Storage shelves can be placed on the wall above the toilet or any other wall that has space. These shelves do not need to be boring. We recommend that you choose shelving with decorative and unique finishes on the brackets. This is the perfect place to store a couple of additional towels and washcloths for guests.
  4. Choose a pretty and decorative box that you can place on the floor or on a shelf to hold your curling irons, hair dryers and other appliances. This keeps them out of sight instead of piled up on the counter.
  5. A small hamper can be used to store clean towels. All that you need to do is roll the towels up and store them upright in the hamper.
  6. Hang baskets from a towel rack by attaching them with ribbons and you can use them to store just about anything.
  7. Wooden crates can be painted and stacked to create a work of art that holds towels, baskets and much more. This is a great place to store magazines that you need to read too.
  8. A back of the door organizer can be hung on the bathroom door to store brushes, makeup, hair styling supplies and hair accessories.

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to finding storage options for your bathroom, especially when you consider making use of the vertical spaces that are currently unused. You just need to be creative and choose the options that will work best for you and your family.

Bathroom remodeling is a great project for winter home improvement here in the Chicago area because we don’t generally need to manipulate an exterior wall. This helps keep your home nice and warm while we’re working on a project that will greatly improve the functionality of your home. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you would like to schedule an appointment with us to start the bathroom design process.

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