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8 Ideas that Will Spark Your Interest in Basement Remodeling

Stencil.default 6Too many homeowners choose to throw a couch, a couple of chairs, and an end table or two into their nicely remodeled basement and call it a day. While that is fine, we try to encourage the homeowners that we know to be a little more creative during the construction and decorating process.

Here are 8 ideas that will spark your interest in basement remodeling:

Create a lounging space

Yes, a couch and some chairs can be considered lounging spaces, but we prefer to think of one massive covered platform as a better option. Your contractor can custom build a platform that you can cover with cushions to create a large and unique lounging area in your new basement.

Create seating for a crowd

You will not always need to fit dozens of people in your newly remodeled basement, but when you do have a crowd, you can be prepared with a wraparound bench covered in cushions. This bench can create an L shape while taking up part of one wall and the entire other wall, or you can choose to have it go the length of two walls completely.

Create a crafty homework nook

Finding a space to do homework will be a breeze when you incorporate crafty homework nooks into your new basement. These little nooks can have a shelf that acts like a desk with numerous shelves and cubbies above to hold all types of supplies. Of course, once the schoolwork is completed, these spaces can be used to create numerous types of crafts.

Create a spacious office

There is no reason why your home office needs to be shoved into the corner of your kitchen or dining room, especially when you have so much space available in your basement. When you decide to remodel your basement, we recommend creating a section that can be dedicated to your new home office. You can block this area off with newly constructed walls, or simply add a freestanding room divider.

Add a slide

Yes, stairs are what most homeowners use to go down into their basement, but that shouldn’t stop you from installing a slide for a more unique way to get down to yours. The slide can be located next to your stairs, although we don’t think too many people will use the stairs on their way down.

Add an arcade with bowling alley

Basements can be tons of fun, especially when you fill them with arcade games and a bowling alley. These items will make your basement the gathering place for all your friends, your neighbors, and possibly even people that you do not know.

Add a bar

Everyone needs a place to mix drinks for their guests, and a bar will make a fabulous addition to your basement space. You can tuck your new bar into a corner, if you are trying to fit as much as possible into this space, or you can choose to have the bar be the focal point of your entire basement.

Add built-in bunk beds

Sleepovers will be more fun when you construct built-in bunk beds in your newly remodeled basement. These bunk beds can be used by your children during the day and at night, plus they will be a lifesaver when you have extra guests spend the night.

No one has ever said that basements need to be boring, so we urge you to think about all the unique ways that you can utilize yours. There is nothing wrong with creating a space that will make you and your family happy every time you use it.

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