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8 Impressive Trends in Basement Design and Remodeling for 2018

Basements are still largely underutilized in many homes across America. We have helped several Chicago area homeowners remodel the basement to blend with the rest of the home and provide excellent additional living space for all members of the home.We’ve noticed several trends come and go through the years, but we wanted to talk about a few great basement remodeling trends that we feel are here to stay.

  1. Open Floor Plan: Properly lighting a basement is not always easy, especially if you separate the basement into specific rooms or areas. An open floor plan gives you the opportunity to borrow light from all other parts of the basement as needed. The big downfall with an open floor plan is the fact that there is no privacy if you were anticipating a man cave or woman cave.
  2. Enclosed Home Theater: A family room with a big screen television is great, but it doesn’t quite equal the amazing quality of a home theater. A properly designed home theater includes stadium seating, comfy recliner chairs with cup holders, and an amazing surround sound system.
  3. In-Law Suite or Apartment: You never know when you may be put into a situation in which you’re asking your elderly parents to move in with you or if your adult children may need a place to live between jobs. You could even rent the space out for extra income.
  4. Walk-out Basement: Every basement is required to have an exit in case of emergency. But that isn’t quite what we’re talking about here. The walk-out basement should be a gorgeous set of French doors or sliding doors that lead to a lovely patio.
  5. Your Own Sports Bar: You knew we’d get there, right? Design your basement, or a room within it, with multiple big screens so you can keep up with what’s going on in other areas while watching the game.
  6. Home Brewery: A lot of homeowners enjoy creating craft beers to enjoy with friends and family who are also beer lovers. Set up a brewery area in the basement so you can have your own private beer workshop.
  7. Multi-Use Rooms: Every member of the household needs their own space to escape the rigors of everyday life. A personal library, for example, could double as a home office. Or a meditation room could double as a yoga room. Your personal bar could double as your home brewery so everything is right there in reach.
  8. A Place to Simply Relax: Fill your basement with comfortable furnishings and soft light. Add a surround sound system or a television if you wish, but focus primarily on relaxation and take the opportunity to unplug and unwind.

Basement Remodeling in Chicago

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