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8 Kitchen Design Trends that Make Sense and Increase Functionality

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home improvements today. Updating your kitchen can add resale value to your home, while delivering better storage options and convenient features to one of the most used rooms. Here are 10 kitchen design trends that will increase functionality and add interest to your kitchen remodel.

  1. Statement Stove Hoods – Functionality meets style with stove hoods that can also be a focal point for your kitchen. Curvy, sculptural shapes often combine treated glass and metal to create a unique and artistic look.
  2. Modern Cabinetry – From touch latch cabinets that eliminate the need for handles and knobs and create a sleek modern look to floating shelves and cabinetry, innovations abound. Materials such as bamboo and aluminum with glass insets create an updated look.
  3. Coffee Systems – From Miele to Keurig, the latest coffee systems come with an abundance of useful features. Built-in coffee machines create coffee to your specific needs, whether you enjoy a cappuccino with breakfast or a simple cup of dark roast.
  4. Updated Ranges – Previously found mostly in commercial kitchens, upgraded and updated ranges are becoming more and more available for home kitchens. Dual-fuel ranges combine the even performance of electricity with the power of a gas cooktop. Invection stoves and convection ovens are also becoming more readily available.
  5. Accessorize with Appliances – Retro and vintage are back in style, and retro appliances in colors like cherry red, bright yellow, and stunning teal add fun and brightness to your kitchen.
  6. Technological Touches – Samsung and other popular kitchen brands are creating more and more appliances that are smart, multifunctional, and computer regulated. From refrigerators with internet capabilities to programmable dishwashers, you can have the newest and most advanced options in your kitchen right now.
  7. Hidden Appliances – High end refrigerator and dishwasher manufacturers now offer options concealed by cabinet fronts so your appliances don’t break the continuity of your kitchen style.
  8. Customize your Countertops – The days of tile and grout countertops are long past. Mixing materials is one current trend, with materials like concrete embedded with sparkling bits of glass and metal. Other homeowners are installing custom touches like wooden butcher blocks built right into the surface of the counter.

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