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8 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger without Adding Space

Remodeling the kitchen to increase space doesn’t always mean you need to bust out a wall or two and add square footage. We have created a list of several things you can do to improve the functionality of your kitchen while creating the illusion of a bigger room in general. Let’s look at 8 great ways to make your kitchen look bigger.

  1. Fewer Upper Cabinets. Less clutter and fewer barriers at eye level helps create the illusion of roominess. You can find storage spaces for all of those items in different areas or have a garage sale to get rid of several unused items in the process.
  2. Cabinet and Drawer Organizers. You may be scratching your head over this suggestion; that’s okay. The more organized your drawers and cabinets are the better. Proper organization will allow you to reorganize the entire kitchen and create space.
  3. Build a Mobile Kitchen Island. Get rid of the existing kitchen island or make it mobile. The ability to roll the island out of the way when it’s not in use will make a world of difference.
  4. Lots of Natural Lighting. Bring the outside in as they say. Add larger windows. This isn’t difficult to do at all and doesn’t require any modifications to the exterior of the home; you don’t have to find matching or complementing siding like you would if you were adding on or making smaller windows.
  5. Reflective Surfaces. We all know that mirrors create the illusion of roominess in a bathroom, but other reflective surfaces can perform a similar function in the kitchen. Stainless steel or white appliances reflect light, and so do subway tile you may use for a backdrop, and marble or granite countertop material.
  6. Add Windows. Install sidelights and transoms to existing windows. You can even install transom windows above the cabinets if you have space between upper cabinets and the ceiling. Add skylights or solar tubes for even more natural light.
  7. Modify the Ceiling or Add Crown Molding. Draw the eyes up instead of creating an eye-level focal point. Decorative crown molding or a uniquely decorated ceiling will create the illusion of the room being taller.
  8. Remove Rugs. Oddly enough, rugs have the ability to make the room look smaller. Removing the rugs from the kitchen opens up the floor space and makes the room look larger.

Those are only 8 of the things that came to mind while writing this blog post. We have other ideas, so make sure to come back often so we can share them with you. What are your thoughts? Have you done any kitchen renovations that improved the functionality and use of space? Share them with us.

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