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Accommodate Your Growing Family by Expanding Your Home with These Great Home Addition Ideas

As families grow, parents need to make some difficult decisions. Do they want to move into a new house that is much larger or do they want to stay where they are and build an addition? Can they afford to move to a larger house or would it be cheaper to renovate their current house? Most of the time, homeowners will choose to renovate their current property. The reasoning could be that they just do not want to move, they love their current neighborhood, they are close to all of their family and friends or that it is cheaper to renovate than move. It can be quite simple to add an addition to a house and your local contractor can help with all of the details both big and small.

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Here are a few home addition ideas to get homeowners thinking as they are contacting their contractor:

  • Homeowners with large backyards may have the option to utilize all of that space by building an outdoor room. An outdoor room not only adds space, it also takes advantage of free space and it doesn’t require as much work as building an entire room. Depending on what part of the country the house is, this space could be used for many months throughout the year.
  • Adding a second floor is a good idea for homeowners who do not have the space in the yard to expand the house in any other direction. A second floor often creates more than enough new space for a growing family. The new rooms have endless possibilities and can be used as bedrooms, a play room or office.
  • If a homeowner has quite a bit of land, then they might be able to build a guesthouse or pool house for extra space. These two areas could free up guest space in the main house for their growing family.
  • Matching the material that was originally used to build the house can be a challenge, so there may be times when a homeowner will want to use something different for an addition. There are no steadfast rules on what can be used and your local contractor will be able to assist as what will both work and look good.
  • While it may be nice to expand the entire side or back of the house, this is not always possible. There may be a septic system in the way or other obstacles. If this is the case, then a one room expansion may still be able to be done. A contractor can make this addition look like it has always been there as long as they do it properly.

No matter what type of addition you plan to do, you should listen to your contractor. The contractor has many years of experience doing additions and they will know what is possible and what will really not work. Here at Bart’s Remodeling, we have decades of experience with everything from conception to completion.

The home base for Barts Remodeling is located in Chicago, and we provide all types of home improvement and remodeling services throughout the surrounding areas. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you would like to schedule an appointment with us for your upcoming remodeling project.

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