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Add Deck Lights for those Darker Fall Evenings

Since you have probably spent most of your summer out on your deck, you might not be ready to begin spending your evenings inside just yet. Don’t worry; we get it. We love spending time out on the deck, too. However, with the nights getting darker earlier, we all need to make some changes to the deck to ensure that we can use it to its full potential as the days get shorter.

Stencil.twitter Post 2One of the best things that you can do with your deck is add lighting. This lighting will not only ensure that your deck is safe, it will also create additional ambiance. Here are your best deck lighting options for those darker fall evenings:

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be placed on your steps or near your railings and they can brighten up the space just enough to make it safe to walk around. The soft glow from the lights may be enough that you won’t need to add any more lighting.

Post Lights

Post lights can be added to the top of any of your posts. These lights are available as wired versions or there are solar options as well. Post lights are available in many different colors and some of them even have intricate designs on them.

Under Rail Lights

These lights simply clip on to the bottom of your railings and will add a soft glow to your deck. These lights are perfect for when you just want to sit on your deck with a drink and enjoy the view of the moon and the stars.


There are numerous options available for lanterns and these can either be hung or strategically placed around your deck. While we recommend that you use wired ones, you can also choose from battery operated lanterns or ones that use candles.

Light Strands

The holidays can be around all year long on your deck if you use light strands. You can choose all white bulbs, multi-colored bulbs, or strands of a single color, depending on the season and your mood. These light strands can be draped around your railings, posts, pergola, umbrellas, or anything else that may be on your deck.

Home Remodeling and Deck Design in Chicago

It is fairly simple to add lighting to your deck, but we recommend that you call us to ensure that the electrical is done properly. The last thing that you will want to do is install lighting and then end up with an electrical fire because wires got crossed or a circuit overloaded.

While we don’t specifically build decks as a standalone service, we do build them as part of a home addition from time to time. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 if your home addition plans include a deck.

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