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Add Space to Your Home with a Brand New Addition


You’re constantly trying to find a place to put something in your house. You’re continuously tripping over your wonderful family as you’re trying to get dinner ready. You can never have dinner parties, because there is no place for your guests to sit. If any of this happens to you, then it is time to consider adding on to your home. An addition can give you some much needed space for storage, spending time with family, and hosting get-togethers with family and friends.


Here are 5 home additions that will add space to your home:

  1. Add a new kitchen. Many homes have very small kitchens that don’t have enough room for friends to keep you company while you’re preparing snacks or the children may be under your feet all the time. Consider turning your existing kitchen into a laundry room, open it up to extend the adjoining room, or add another bathroom since there is already plumbing available.
  2. Add a new family room. As children grow, they take up more space and they want to have their friends over. They will need a room that has plenty of space to hang out in while having fun. Your new addition can be turned into an amazing family room that the children can use most of the time, but it will also come in handy for family gatherings and parties.
  3. Add a sunroom. A sunroom or a four season porch will add some needed space to your home. This room can be designed so that you can use it year-round in any type of weather. Imagine a room with floor to ceiling windows that open on warm days, cozy seating areas, and a view of a beautiful garden with a fountain.
  4. Add a second story. No one ever said a home addition had to be a single room. Adding a second story is completely possible as long as your foundation can handle the stress. This will allow you to double the space inside your home. This new addition can be used for bedrooms, an office, library, playrooms, or whatever your family needs.
  5. Screen the front porch. A screened in front porch will add curb appeal and space to your home. Imagine yourself sitting out on the porch in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise.

Home additions are a wonderful way to add space and value to your home. Your local contractor will be able to help you design the addition so that it matches the style of your existing home. Plus, you can customize the addition so that it will work well for your family now and in the future.

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