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Adding a Master Bedroom and Bath? Here are Some tips That will Help

Many homeowners dream of having a master bedroom and bath. A master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom gives the home a sense of grandeur. With a master bedroom, you will have enough space for a large bed, ample closet space and a roomy layout. For the average homeowner, this is not possible without making an addition to the home.

For a two-story home, decide which level will get the addition

If your home has an upper floor, adding at the bottom might be less of a hassle for both you and the contractor. In some cases, it might even be the cheaper option. To add a master bedroom and bath to the second floor, there must be a new foundation, as well as a support structure for the weight of the extra square footage. Adjustments will also be necessary for the home to support the weight of the addition.

Talk to a designer about your plans

A designer can help you to come up with the most realistic plan for this addition to the home. The plans must take into account the existing structure, and the size of your property will also affect the scale of the project. A contractor will understand the zoning implications of your building plans. You also need to know if there is a covenant in place in your neighborhood.

Work out the basic details of your bedroom and bathroom

Think of this as a custom design job that allows you to get all the features you want in your bedroom, and in particular the bathroom. One prime consideration is the amount of storage space in your closet and other options such as cabinets. Work out the location, number and the size of the windows, and the size and position of entryways. Will you install a carpet in the bedroom, or will you choose something that requires less frequent cleaning?

Match the existing architecture

It is essential that any addition to a home meshes with the home’s original look. Otherwise, you can expect a decline in curb appeal and maybe a lower value. These considerations include the roofing shingles, windows and the siding.

Come up with the finer details for the bedroom and bathroom

Planning the finer points of the bedroom and bathroom can be time-consuming but it will be worth the effort. This steps guides but just the look of the spaces, but also the types of materials you will choose. Aside from the flooring, you will also be thinking about, the mirrors, lighting, the sink and vanity, the faucet and showerhead, the shower and the tub. In addition, you will have to consider how all these different elements will work together for design success. A little help from a professional interior designer is not a bad idea if your budget allows.

Master Bedroom Suite Remodeling in Chicago

Call us at 312-714-5454 to schedule an onsite consultation for remodeling your master bedroom suite. We can also take ADA guidelines into consideration if someone with mobility issues will use the master suite bathroom. Online images can be good sources of inspiration for your master bedroom and bath, so please start collecting ideas to share with us.

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