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Allow Us to Bust Three Big Kitchen and Bathroom Design Myths

You hear all kinds of horror stories when you start talking to family and friends about remodeling certain parts of your home. You may even hear things like, “always go for style over practicality,” or “buy cheaper materials at this other store, they’re just like the good stuff.” Do you normally go for cheap knockoffs? Not likely, right? You may be able to get by with some cheaper materials, but don’t count on it for the entire project. Let’s look at those myths and one other we decided to toss into the blog today.

Style Trumps Functionality

Would you rather have a kitchen or bathroom that works as intended or looks good? We fully understand that some people want a pretty kitchen and functionality doesn’t matter because they order out more often than they cook. But if you use your kitchen for regular cooking or baking, always choose functionality over style. You can combine functionality and style in many cases, thanks to the array of materials, appliances, small appliances, and decor available.

Remodeling the Kitchen or Bath Doesn’t Add Enough Value to My Home

You would be correct if you are trying to double the value of your home. But on average a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project will give you roughly a 92% return on investment. A high-end custom remodel will obviously net a larger return than one completed with stock items. But don’t underestimate the monetary value of a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Besides, the return on investment only really matters if you plan to sell, right? Are you really going to remodel the two most-visited rooms in your home only to sell it?

Cheaper Materials Are the Way to Go

Don’t fall for this one! Cheap materials can be almost as pretty as high quality materials, but please don’t go the cheap route just because of price. You can find some quality materials at great prices from time to time, but remember that quality materials will always stand up to the rigors of real life better and longer than cheap materials. You don’t want to spend $15,000 on a kitchen remodel only to have to remodel again in three years because the cheap cabinets are falling apart.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago

Remodeling any part of your home to bring it current or to improve it in some way is always a good way to increase the value. The average homeowner remodels the kitchen roughly every seven years and the bathroom about every 10 years. If your home is in need of improvements in some way, we’d love to help. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you’re in Chicago or the surrounding area and would like to schedule a kitchen or bathroom design consultation with us.

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