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Avoid Shoddy Workmanship for Your Small Commercial Remodeling Project


Remodeling a commercial space requires a good understanding of both construction and marketing. A small commercial remodeling project takes a keen eye for lighting and directional flow. Customers generally follow a certain flow of foot traffic through a store. We strive to make sure that flow is unobstructed, well-lit, and structurally safe. We prefer working with high-quality materials to ensure a high quality finished project.

Pexels Photo 26545Avoid a Cheap Landlord

Property owners generally understand that renovations will need to be made for each new tenant. Properties with high turn-around rates may be renovated using cheap, substandard materials to save on the budget. Installation suffers due to poor quality materials and a rushed job to complete the task within a timeline specified by the property owner. You may have little say over the quality of the materials if the property owner is paying for the remodeling project.

Combine Quality Materials with Quality Workmanship

High-quality materials will not be worth anything if they are not correctly installed. Quality tiles can crack and break if they are not placed on a prepped floor and properly sealed. Crown molding will not look nice if it is not cut to fit the space. Custom cabinets will look horrible if they are not hung properly and there are unsightly gaps.

Professional Paint

Paint is something that everyone thinks that they can do, but it is not an easy project. An inexperienced painter will leave streaks, bleed-through colors, and drips. They may not properly tape off areas that need it, leaving color on the ceiling, trim, and other areas.

Not Just Any Contractor

You may be thinking that you will not have to worry about any of these issues because you have hired a contractor to do the work for you. However, does this contractor know how to do the work properly or are they learning as they go? Commercial remodeling projects tend to have a different flow from residential projects.

When it comes to commercial buildings, permits need to be obtained and inspections need to be done. If you hire a sub-par contractor to do the work and it doesn’t pass the inspection, you are going to be out, even more, money than you would be if you had hired a top of the line contractor in the first place. Shoddy installations and workmanship can even cost you more money in the future because you will need to replace things sooner.

Small Commercial Remodeling in Chicago

The team of remodelers and builders at Barts Remodeling will work closely with both the property owner and the tenant to ensure that the tenant’s needs are met. Our customer-focused approach sets our business apart from others in the area and allows us to develop long lasting working relationships with our clients.

Call Barts Remodeling at 312-714-5454 if you’re looking for an all-inclusive small commercial remodeling company in Chicago. You may also request a consultation using our online form if that is more convenient.

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