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Barts Remodeling Survival Guide: How to Save Your Sanity while Remodeling


Home remodeling is a very exciting time for all homeowners. It can also be stressful, time-consuming, overwhelming, and emotionally difficult to deal with. You will not have full use of your home during the remodeling process, which can be a little overwhelming. However, if you follow our tips, you will survive your remodeling project like a pro.

Tools 690038 1280Here are 8 tips that will save your sanity while remodeling any part of your home:

Prepare Adjacent Rooms

Before your home remodeling begins, we recommend that you check to see what others rooms inside your home will be affected. It will be important to cover items inside these rooms with plastic to prevent damage from dust and other construction debris. It will also be important to store as many items from these rooms in another part of your house, so that nothing gets damaged by accident.

Carefully Label Boxes

Label boxes very carefully if you box things up for storage during the remodeling process. This will allow you to find something that you need quickly and will help when you are putting everything back into place after the remodel is complete.

Duplicate Kitchen Functionality

Consider setting up a mini kitchen in another area of your house if you’re remodeling the kitchen. A small refrigerator and microwave will allow you to make quick meals, so you are not eating out for the duration of the project.

Prepare Sleeping Areas

A bathroom or bedroom remodel can be challenging. You will need to find a place to sleep while the bedroom is inaccessible. Make it an adventure of sorts. Set up a temporary bunkhouse in the family room, use tents in the back yard if the weather is nice, or stay in a hotel a night or two to break it up a little.

The Bathroom Conundrum

A bathroom remodel can also be tricky, especially if you only have one bathroom. You may be better off finding a place to stay during the remodeling project if you only have one bathroom. However, if you have more than one bathroom, it will be easy to use the other one while the construction is taking place.

Plan for a Lot of Foot Traffic

You will have multiple people going in and out of your home for the duration of the remodel, so you will need to be prepared for how everyone will be getting into your home. You may decide that you need to be there when they get there in the morning or you may give the person in charge a key to your home.

Plan Deliveries and Storage Ahead of Time

There is a lot of equipment and materials that are needed for a remodel and you will want to approve of where these items are stored as the work is being done. You don’t want to try to pull into your garage one day and find that it is filled with everything that the workers need to complete the project.

Avoid it Entirely

Some homeowners choose to avoid the construction site altogether. Even if you set up a mini kitchen in your house, there will be days when cooking will not be an option. You may even just get tired of all of the noise and construction. Consider an extended-stay hotel, staying with a relative or friend, or even plan a vacation during the remodeling process so you come home to a newly remodeled home.

Practice Patience

The best thing that you can do while your home is being remodeled is to have a lot of patience. The agreed upon schedule may need to be changed because something unplanned happened or there may be a delay with receiving a certain item. Staying calm and communicating with your project manager will go a long way in surviving your remodel and before you know it, you will have your home to yourself once again.

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