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Bart’s Toilet Buying Guide to Help with Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

People often focus on the excitement and nearly endless possibilities of bathroom design when they’re planning a remodeling project. That’s perfectly understandable, but today we wanted to shift gears a bit and focus on one integral part of bathroom remodeling – choosing the right toilet. Most people simply choose a relatively inexpensive toilet without thinking about the possibilities. Are you aware of the many functions a toilet could provide? Probably not. So let’s get started.

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You probably haven’t given it much thought, but what’s the flush rating on your toilet? Oddly enough, this is a very important thing to ask about toilets you would consider buying. Google things like flush performance and flush rating before you settle on a specific toilet. This particular appliance will likely be in your home for at least 10 years, so make it a good one. Here are other things you want to keep in mind:

  • Water Efficiency – High efficiency toilets use 1.28 gallons of water or less per flush.
  • Pressure Assist – The two primary types of flush are gravity-assist and pressure-assist. A pressure-assist toilet flushes with pressurized water so all waste is cleaned from the bowl during the flush. Buyer beware – they’re loud.
  • Dual Flush – A dual flush toilet uses roughly 25% less water than a single flush toilet. The flushing mechanism for liquid waste uses .8 gallons per flush where the flushing mechanism for solid waste uses 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Ease of Cleaning – A wall mounted toilet is easier to clean under and around than a traditional toilet that often collects water and undesirable fluids around the base.
  • Seat Height – The standard toilet seat is 15 inches. Remember, your toilet will likely be around for at least 10 years, so take that into consideration. The ADA requirement for toilet seats is 17 to 19 inches, which aids people with limited mobility.
  • Measure the Area – Measure the area where the toilet will sit before making your purchase. You have to know that the unit will fit in the intended spot. Otherwise, you have to make adjustments or try to return a toilet that has been placed on a wax ring.
  • Bowl Size – Take bowl size and shape into consideration. You have the option to purchase an elongated bowl or a round bowl. Keep in mind that an elongated bowl is roughly 2 inches longer than a round bowl. Make sure your cabinet drawers will still open if you install an elongated bowl where a round bowl once was.

Bathroom remodeling can be frustrating, overwhelming, and exciting. Our goal is to make it as exciting as possible and limit the headaches along the way. We will help you find the best appliances and bathroom furniture to fit the design of the new bathroom and your individual needs. Take a look at our albums on Facebook and give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you’re in Chicago or the surrounding areas and interested in remodeling your bathroom with us.

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