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Basement Finishing: Getting a Great Look Quicker and For Less

If you empty out your basement and take a good look at the bare space it can be hard to imagine it transformed into a beautiful space. Even with the most elaborate deign plan, beautiful fixtures and furniture, the finishing is the step that will tie it all together. This part of the process can only be done after the waterproofing is completed.

Stencil.twitter Post 3Basement Framing

The framing is the setup for the finished basement walls if you plan to use drywall. If framing the space is not part of the plan, an alternative is to apply foam sheets to the cement walls. Sealing the area will ensure that there is no heat loss.

Insulating the Space

When it comes to insulation, the factor you have to think about is the R value. Fiberglass batt insulation is not only affordable, it is effective and easy to install. Foam sheets are another option, but installation takes more time as they have to be cut to fit your walls. Spray foam is now being used in more basement renovations. It does a good job of getting into small spaces for excellent heat loss prevention. You can install drywall after spraying on the foam insulation..

The Floor

You have more than one option for a basic floor in your basement. One method is to use a rigid foam sheet and cover it with plywood or strand board. Concrete stain is an inexpensive option and this can be applied quickly. Too save money, many people simply cover the basement floor with linoleum. 

The Ceiling

Usually the choice comes down to a drywall or a drop ceiling. Many people feel that the drop ceiling is not attractive. There is some debate as to the level of savings it offers when compared to drywall. One factor that influences the price difference is the need for additional framing for a drywall ceiling. However, this is not always necessary. Talk to a contractor about your ceiling options to decide where the savings can be found.

Take advantage of the wide range of colors refine the finished look of your remodeled basement without spending too much. It may be necessary to vapor seal the room to prevent moisture from causing problems. Talk to a basement contractor here at Bart’s Remodeling in Chicago about the best options that will suit your budget.

Basement Remodeling in Chicagoland

Remodeling in Chicago can be risky. You never really know who to trust. Any handyman with a tool belt can present himself as a general contractor, but the builders here at Bart’s Remodeling are so much more. We’ve worked with homeowners throughout the greater Chicago area for many years. We’re proud of our work and display it in our gallery. Take a look at some of the incredible basement remodeling projects we’ve done through the years and then give us a call at 312-714-5454 to discuss remodeling your basement with us.

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