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Basement Remodel Schaumburg,IL

Our job in a suburban Chicago home was to prepare a brand new basement & bathroom to make it easier for the basement in general to be a little more functional. Our goal was to create a great looking space that was also convenient.

We noticed during the remodeling process that it would be extremely easy for the basement to have a new bathroom in the southeastern corner of the room. This corner was ideal for the job as it appeared to have a lack of electrical materials and easy access to a few pipes where plumbing units could fit in nicely. We wanted to use this corner to make everything more functional and it seems as though it proved to be very effective for the client.

The hardwood floor that was used in the basement was able to incorporate itself into the new basement bathroom with relative ease. We also added a continuation of the hardwood floor over the concrete used around the property to make it all fit in right.

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