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Basement Remodeling Trends that You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018

New Basement Flooring Edgewater Glen IllinoisThese days the average home buyer looks for a basement because of the possibilities it presents. Most basements are unfinished spaces that serve as storage. Many of them are large enough to be converted for another purpose. The early days of basement remodeling saw basic improvements to make the space livable. Now, many feature outstanding designs with high quality finishes. Here some of the remodeling trends you should be keeping an eye on for 2018.

  • Matching the look of the home. With earlier basement remodeling projects, the goal was simply to make the space usable and comfortable. However, in recent years, the space has grown in value as extensions of the living space. More of these projects have been focused on creating a seamless transition between the upstairs and the basement space, using similar finishes, colors and materials.
  • Open layouts. Due to their limited square footage, many basement are more suited to this concept. Barriers can leave the basement feeling cramped and restrict movement. The free flowing feel of an open layout creates a greater sense of warmth, and eliminates shadows. You should consider an open layout even if you have a large basement.
  • Walkout basements. If some sections of your basement are above, you are missing a great opportunity if you don’t consider a walkout. This trend is gaining in popularity largely due to the ability to add a door and window. This is not only safer and more convenient, it also increases your design options especially on the exterior if you are able to build and furnish a porch.
  • Multi-purpose rooms. Space might be an issue even with larger basements, so it is a good idea to make the most of it. Do this by creating a multi-purpose room that the whole family can enjoy. Combine an entertainment room with a children’s play area, and you can take this a step further by using a room divider.
  • Home gyms. Save money on your fitness routine by building your own gym. One advantage is that you don’t need to splurge on the finish. If there is enough space, a gym/spa combo will be the perfect addition to your home.
  • If you like to entertain, building a bar and lounge area in the basement will make this easier. If you have a small budget, keep the changes basic. Important features include the countertop, storage, seating and adequate lighting. Add an entertainment system for a more enjoyable setting.

There are many other creative ways to use your basement, so it is wise to first think about what you really need. Not surprisingly, many homeowners opt for an extra bedroom for visiting guests.

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