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Basement Renewal in Oak Park, IL

This Oak Park, Illinois basement was the stuff of nightmares both in terms of appearance and unsafe and hazardous construction. Virtually nothing about the existing structure was consistent with building code and the project required a lot of additional work just to bring the space to within safe standards.

The basement started off as a dark and dingy mess of wires and pipes. All of the old conduit, ducting, and plumbing was gutted and new utilities were added that met building code requirements. The stairs including the first floor landing needed to be redesigned and rebuilt because the original builders failed to provide adequate headroom. We installed new windows, drywall, painted the walls, added luxurious hardwood floors, and beautiful trim. We designed and put in a simple and elegant bathroom.

At the end of the project the basement felt warm and inviting. The space felt like it was above ground and had a comfortable feel. Looking at the before pictures it’s hard to imagine that these results are even possible.

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