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Bathroom Design Trends for 2013

In 2013, bathrooms are much more than places we go to brush our teeth or take a shower, they are our personal spas and sanctuaries. Today, many people are looking to create a comfortable retreat when they embark on a Chicago bathroom remodeling project—a functional and beautiful space, beyond the stress of the world. While bathrooms used to be utilitarian places regarded as places where we do what we must, now, they are personalized extensions of our homes.

With this in mind, here are our tips to create a luxurious bathroom for 2013 and beyond:

Indulge in Brass Fixtures

Bathroom RemodelingThe best thing about this trend is that it’s not really a trend at all. Brass is very resistant to both to the ravages of time and to the changing trends of interior design. Brass and gold-colored faucets are, once again, becoming wildly popular in home renovation. Since hardware and fixtures serve as a sort of “jewelry” for a bathroom, beautiful finishes like brass or copper can really stand out and sing, even in an otherwise very neutral space.

While quality brass fixtures can be a little pricey, they will be an investment that you won’t regret. Their timeless elegance and durability are sure to add a sense of luxury and gravitas to your bathroom.

Use Surprising Splashes of Color

Whether you’re looking to create a dramatic vibe with rich oxblood or liven up your space with a punch of peach, 2013 is all about using color in unexpected ways. Even if you don’t feel like repainting your entire bathroom, just changing your accessories can be a great way to incorporate color. Small things, like tissue boxes, bathmats, and even bold wall hangings, can easily create vibrancy and charm for very little cost.

Incorporate Organic Elements

When it comes to interior design, it seems all we hear now is “green this” and “green that”. In 2013, the love of eco-friendly projects continues. While homeowners want to decrease their carbon footprint and their utility bills, they also don’t want to sacrifice style or their bathroom experience. With this in mind, companies like Delta have developed technology to use 40 percent less water, while still giving you the feeling of more water.

Get Personal

Tile Installation - Bath Remodel - Old Irving Park ILWith their bulky fixtures and utilitarian elements, bathrooms can be one of the hardest rooms in the house to decorate. Nevertheless, some of the best bathrooms are the ones that personalize the space and treat it as a welcoming extension of the home. Family photos, unique artwork, vintage finds, and beautiful rugs can add a much-needed personal touch to an often cold and sterile-looking space.

Escape to the Spa

Upscale finishes can really add a sense of luxury to even an otherwise average bathroom. To create your own personal oasis, indulge in some comforts beyond the ordinary. A custom shower or bath is an especially splurge-worthy investment. Many homeowners are now choosing to commission unique showers and baths, complete with waterfall faucets, rain showers and several multiheads. To take your bathroom even further beyond the ordinary, consider installing a freestanding or sunken tub or relaxing with a shower bench.

While “trend” may be a dirty word to many design enthusiasts, 2013’s top bathroom design trends are sure to have some staying power. With strong, sleek lines, tempered by personal touches, bold colors, and a growing inclination for spa-like experiences millennial homeowners are sure to find many ways to create their own home oasis. Just remember that at the end of the day, designing a perfect bathroom is all about what works for you and your family. Always design your bathroom remodeling project with this in mind, and your bathroom will bring you years of enjoyment.

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