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Bathroom Remodeling: Materials Matter!

The materials that you choose for your bathroom remodel are very important. You will have to live with your choices for a very long time. The time to choose the materials for your bathroom remodel is well before the project begins because then you know that everything is in stock and can be delivered to your home immediately or before construction begins.

Medicine Cabinet Wall Tile
By choosing and purchasing your materials before construction begins, you will not need to worry about delays that are caused by out of stock items or late deliveries. Choosing the materials ahead of time will also allow you to stay within your budget and not be disappointed when you need to choose something you are not thrilled with later on, because you are running out of money.


There are many choices when it comes to flooring in the bathroom. Many people choose tile, because it is available in many colors and styles, including ones that look like natural stone. The ceramic tiles that are used on floors have more texture than the ceramic tiles that are used on walls. Therefore, you will not need to worry about anyone slipping and falling if the floors are wet.

Travertine and slate are two other wonderful options for bathroom floors as is vinyl, which is affordable and easy to clean. If you want hardwood in your bathroom, we recommend that you have it sealed so that it does not get damaged from the moisture.


You will want to choose a countertop that holds up to the hustle and bustle of your bathroom during the early morning rush hours. A granite countertop does not stain easily as long as it is sealed properly and quartz is quite durable and can be maintained easily. A laminate countertop is a more economical option and it will not get damaged from water, makeup, or hair products. However, it can turn dull over time and burn if a hot curling iron or hair dryer is set down improperly.


Cabinets are very important in a bathroom and we recommend that you install more than you think that you will need. We find that everyone needs more storage than they think. There are many more choices than the old box type vanities and you can choose the style that fits your personality the best. Two options include a cabinet with legs that looks like a piece of furniture and a unit that has many open shelves.


Sinks are available in many different styles and you will want to choose one that meets your needs. A vanity with two deep sinks may work better than two bowl sinks that are shallow and pretty to look at. If space is limited inside your bathroom, we recommend that you choose a pedestal sink with either an oblong, rectangular, or oval shape sink.


Everyone who enters your bathroom will see the fixtures that you choose, so you will want to make sure that they all match. In the shower, you can choose from rain shower heads, dual shower heads, wall-mounted units, and handheld shower heads. Sink faucets are available in many styles as well and you can choose a one handle, two knob, or touchless faucet for your remodeled bathroom.

The materials that you choose will say a lot about the final remodel. Cheaper products will not last as long, yet expensive materials are not always the best option either. Always choose quality over cost regardless of whether the cost is high or low. We can answer your questions as to what items you should be spending the most on during your bathroom remodel.

We know that you have an idea of what your dream bathroom looks like and we want to help you achieve your dreams without too many problems. Call Bart’s Remodeling today at 312-714-5454 if you’re ready to start the bathroom remodeling process. We’re more than happy to show you how we can remodel your bathroom into something amazing.

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