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Battling Moisture: The Importance of Waterproofing Your Basement

A basement can be converted into any type of room, but the first job will be making sure the space is dry. There is a good chance that your basement has damp areas that you don’t know about. If, like most people, you use it for storage, you could easily miss leaks and damp spots. This might not be a problem if you rarely enter this area, but for a living space this is detrimental.

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Check Your Pipes

The visibility of your home’s internal workings is one indication of the amount of work the basement may need. The pipes must be in good shape before the work can start. Even the smallest leak can derail your efforts, and lead to extra costs. Consider replacing old pipes just to be certain that you will not have moisture problems.

Check the Perimeter

Sometimes moisture problems in the basement are cause by water movement on the outside of the building. If the ground slopes towards the foundation water can make the ground sink. The pressure this put on the foundation can cause cracks, plus, moisture will invade the interior. This will cause a dampness inside the basement. It might be necessary to build up the area around the foundation to make sure that water flows away from the house. If your gutters needs repairs get this done before doing any work in the basement. Water that leaves the downspout should be roughly five feet from the foundation.

Waterproofing Interior Walls

You can give your walls a fighting chance against moisture to ensure that the basement stays dry. Some waterproofing products respond to the presence of moisture by bonding with the wall surface. They are easy to apply and will offer some protection against the intrusion of groundwater.

Repair Cracks

Cracks in your basement walls are an invitation to moisture, so dealing with this should be a priority. Using crack filling products is one way to deal with this. Another way is to chip out cracks in the masonry and refill the space.

Getting rid of moisture in this space will protect your investment in basement remodeling. Water can cause the growth of mold in this space, making waterproofing even more important. Any experienced basement remodeling specialist can provide advice on drying out this space and keeping it dry.

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